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Dear PRAAG supporter,

Those of you who have not yet read my latest column written today, should do so, here:

The WAR on Woolworths and what it means

If you have been to South Africa, you will know that Woolworths is an upmarket chain store selling fairly good clothes and food under their own brand, very much like the Marks & Spencer chain in the United Kingdom. You can also buy all sorts of organically grown products there – at a price.

Over the past week, Woolworths has been in the news for publishing job advertisements saying “For blacks only”. That provided the spark for our current campaign against their affirmative action programme, with one or two other organisations and trade unions jumping on the bandwagon.

I am quite amazed by the good response on Facebook and Twitter. On Woolworths’s Facebook page there were more than 2 000 comments of irate white shoppers pledging to never support them again. Afterwards the company locked its Facebook wall. It is the first time that I have seen such a tremendous response and almost spontaneous boycott spirit taking shape.

The combination of the ANC government and Big Business colluding on excluding whites from jobs has almost succeeded in making second-class citizens and mere survivors of us all. I know of so many middle-class families who are struggling as a result with the husbands unable to find work as almost no-one wants to employ a white male anymore.

How this will all work out, we will find out. But what I find heartening is that there is such a tremendous sense of solidarity suddenly among white South Africans, as I mention at the start of my column. Also recently I was watching a French TV discussion with author Richard Millet talking about his two latest books, one of which is entitled “Antiracism, a literary terror”. His tremendous pessimism – he spoke of his “despair” – struck me, as well as the other more politically correct members of the panel who already considered themselves a minority in their own country!

Millet referred to being “the only white at six in the evening in the subway at Châtelet-Les-Halles”. To other members of the French talk show, that did not matter as “those people were Frenchmen too, even if they were black or Arab”. However, as we can see from our experience as a minority that has lost power in our own country, it does not work that way. As soon as one is outnumbered at the ballot box, so-called affirmative action becomes the national ideology and both the state and major corporations deem the employment of whites undesirable. For them it is not even about “filling quotas” according to demographic percentages, but about impoverishing us so that we should finally sink to their third-world level of income and social existence. Somehow, the slightest remaining pocket of white or Western excellence is seen as an affront to their own dignity and sense of “being in power”.

Although many people seem to have written us off, the four million white people here are increasingly showing a solidarity and a zest for meeting the challenge of creating something new, a new economy and lifestyle away from governmental and corporate strictures. People are talking about distributing produce directly from our farmers to consumers, to bypass the supermarket chains and of setting up small banks all over the country in order to regain control of our capital that is languishing in the big four banks, with more or less the same employment policies as Woolworths.

The big irony is that we are paying taxes, interest and banking fees so that we may be excluded from the job market and even from having our own businesses, thereby funding our own ultimate demise. This has to stop. Fortunately many people are starting to see it that way.

In many towns, people are protesting the corruption and profligacy of the ANC’s municipal officials and politicians by refusing to pay local taxes. The indefatigable Mr. Jaap Kelder, a good friend and comrade, is fighting the municipalities in the courts and through his national network of ratepayers’ associations, so we are giving them a good run for their money.

A few months ago I started being more active on Twitter and my account has now grown to 2 500 followers. On Facebook I have another 6 500 people or so and all our messages and links are distributed through other networks as well so that we do not really need the traditional media anymore, even though I still try to get articles and letters into the major newspapers. This week I published a critical letter in the daily Beeld in reply to the affirmative action principal of the University of the Free State, Jonathan Jansen, who is enforcing diversity on his campus and even made an ideological course on multiculturalism mandatory for all students. Our two websites in English and Afrikaans now get as much traffic as some of the second-tier newspapers so being in the mainstream media or on radio keeps us in the public eye, but we could well do without it too. I firmly believe that there will come a time in South Africa when there will be a clampdown on dissident voices and a lot of people will be banned from the mainstream media. By that time we will hopefully be so strong on the internet that we would not even notice being excluded from the traditional media.

I also serve on the so-called Strategy Committee for the Afrikaner people that we formed a year ago. Even though our work is more or less confidential, we are going to have an invitation-only conference for 200 people in November where we will finally decide on a strategy going forward and which will most probably include elements of self-determination.

All of this is very exciting but time-consuming, sometimes even exhausting. There are endless meetings, discussions and planning sessions. But we have no choice, we must keep up the good fight.

As so many people have argued, our fight will ultimately be the fight of the whole European and North American world. I must write to Monsieur Millet in Paris to tell him that he need not despair so much. There are four million white Africans down here and another million or so expats who are ready to show the way!

Thanks once again for your loyal support and interest in our cause.

With kind regards,

Dan Roodt

Director, Pro-Afrikaner Action Group (PRAAG)