IT expert retrieves Glynnis Breytenbach’s deleted letters

Breytenbach once a prosecutor for the National Prosecuting Authority

The final report on Glynnis Breytenbach by the National Prosecuting Authority’s Integrity Management Unit reveals details of her personal relationships with a client and advocate, mentioning their international travel and her feelings towards them.

The report said most of the allegations about her relationships with billionaire Nathan Kirsh and advocate Andre Bezuidenhout were retrieved from deleted letters on Breytenbach’s NPA-issued laptop. The letters were retrieved through an IT expert.

The report refers to four letters she had allegedly addressed to Bezuidenhout dated between September 2010 and August 2011.

In a letter dated September 14, 2010, Breytenbach thanks Bezuidenhout for the wonderful time she had with him in Morocco.

In closing, she says Bezuidenhout is “simply exceptional, an amazing friend and kind beyond words”, and that she “loves him more than he can imagine”.

The report says Breytenbach wrote a letter in support of the application by Bezuidenhout to the Bar Council for silk status.

The report then goes on to describe how Breytenbach became involved in an alleged drunk-driving case involving Bezuidenhout’s son Jandre and another case involving the son of Bezuidenhout’s friend.

It states that Breytenbach travelled extensively abroad on private and business trips, going numerous times to London and Jersey for investigations relating to Kirsh’s complaint. She was with Bezuidenhout on at least one trip to London.

“The overseas travels are a concern in that she seemed to have met and or interacted with witnesses in some of the major cases without the knowledge of the investigators, as Nel (Gilounne) alleged, and in some cases her meetings were not in the interest of the state,” the report said.

It also said a letter from Kirsh alluded to a number of trips, one of which was a trip to the Bahamas.

“Kirsh also suggested that he can arrange that they meet with Michael Tannenbaum at Kirsh’s house in France away from all the fuss and bother… Kirsh also intimated that he can send a private jet to fly her in and back home again.”

According to the report, an investigator of the Directorate of Special Operations, Nel, said he was “disturbed by the apparent close relationship between Breytenbach and Kirsh”.

Source: IOL