In the shadow of the red buffoon

South Africa has just set a new record for itself in terms of public lunacy, which is not really surprising. Ever since the ANC took over they’ve outdone themselves many times in terms of foolishness.

This time it concerns the corpulent firebrand Julius Malema who made his first speech in the House of Parliament on the 18th of June. This brand new MP shuns the idea of wearing neckties or pressed suits, and prefers to be seen in red coveralls, effectively heightening his status as laughing stock of South Africa’s new ruling elite.

Julius Malema has already been much caricatured and lampooned by cartoonists and other public figures, even in his years as leader of the ANC Youth League. Regardless of his flair for red berets and coveralls, he certainly is not a man of great talent. In fact, if this one trick pony has any talent at all, it would be to rile up the masses of unskilled, ignorant and bloodthirsty peasants, something he appears to be quite good at. While on the one hand demanding that whites should speak an African language, he prefers to give his own speeches in English, probably due to his white English speechwriter’s inability write in Sotho – Malema’s mother tongue – or any other African language.

I recall an incident in primary school during those bad old days of white rule when our entire class had to roll up at the headmaster’s office for failing a Sotho test, which was a mandatory five year subject back then. Our welted derrières put a quick end to that apathy and our Sotho language skills took a turn for the better after that. No doubt, the erstwhile government did more for nation building than Malema would like to admit. In any event, had the African people produced more literature of a Goethe, Shakespeare or Proust, I’m sure the African languages would have enjoyed a higher standing with the world’s foremost literati, effectively making Malema redundant.

It would be important to mention that one would be deluded into believing that we are dealing with some brain-dead offshoot renegade. If that had been the case, Malema never would have made it past the ANC’s Hitlerjugend in the first place. There are a few clues indicating that his band of thugs are a front for a more grandiose Communist takeover, a second revolution in the making. If the study of history has any meaning at all, we should apply it here and now. Lest we forget that the other proud paragon of Communist scheming – the exalted Nelson Mandela – was secretly contrived as long ago as 1953, known amongst the initiates as “Plan M”.

As Franklin D Roosevelt once said, nothing in the world happens by coincidence…especially not when the far left is involved, one might add.

Firstly the level of organisation that his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party has built up in only a short year or two indicates that there’s more than meets the eye. A formal political party cannot be drawn if there is no clear goal or mission statement. Therefore, regardless of whether his parliamentary circus acts have any merit, his party has a clear mission known perhaps to only a small group of insiders. The other party members only follow orders and convey hot air to the public. The way in which he adorns himself with various luxury goods, the mass-produced red berets, his wide-ranging publicity and other party political paraphernalia implies that he has some financially capable sponsors. It would therefore be a mistake to assume that Malema simply is a nobody who became a somebody by chance. He is a leader of a radical political party because someone wants him to be there.

Secondly, it appears as if he has changed his tune since his entry into main stream politics. His anti-white vitriol is now replaced with mainly anti-capitalist outbursts, only occasionally showing his true colours by inconsequentially depicting whites as racists and thus deserving of contempt. He also did some window dressing by including some white useful idiots into his ranks to hide his true intentions. Anybody with a basic understanding of Marxist theory can see how his party has secretly been shaped by intellectuals leaning towards the left. Once again these schemers from the shadows employed their favourite Commie party trick, the Hegelian dialectical principle. In short, Hegelian dialectics imply that when there are two opposing forces, a thesis and an antithesis, they need to be fused together in a mutually beneficial synthesis.

In Malema’s case, he wants to eliminate the whites (thesis). This would obviously meet up with resistance by whites, not to mention possible legal sanctions (antithesis). The synthesis would then be to include some whites by insisting that they themselves would benefit from this agreement. Uncooperative whites would be branded as capitalists, land owners, colonials or similar terms implying that they have a choice in handing over their hard-earned belongings. This obfuscates the fact that their white skin is his real eyesore. In practice, the net outcome for honky is the same: they are to be rendered powerless and open to victimisation. By slightly covering up his true intentions makes it hard to legally pin them down and thus highly treacherous.

Thirdly, his experience with black youths at his former job has left him with the understanding that they are the ideal candidates to help foment any war or revolution that one sees fit. As Lenin once said, the best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals. All party members should work together to make the young, both male and female, anti-social and immoral. The black youths from the Eastern Cape in the 1950’s to the Sharpeville massacre, the Soweto riots and the “Comrades” in the mid 1980’s have all demonstrated the validity of Lenin’s observation. It would not surprise if their next step would be to train dim-witted young whites alongside blacks in paramilitary training camps, a peculiarity perfectly in step with Communist principles.

Not to mention the obvious red colour of his attire, which has a clear allusion to Communism. Red being the colour of blood, anger, youth, war, revolution and comradeship.

Another one of Communism’s dirty tricks is to participate in illegal activities, but also have a front organisation that is legal. One should therefore operate on two bases, one legal and one illegal. The emotionally charged speeches in parliament demonstrating his passionate involvement with his cause while the number of whites murdered on farmsteads has increased dramatically since the World Cup Soccer event of 2010. In some instances it is known that young African marauders chanted “Viva Malema” when attacking a white farmer in his home.

Strictly speaking it may not be possible to infer a direct involvement between Malema’s EFF and the killing of whites, yet there doesn’t really need to be one. The firing up of basic emotions and filling the minds of young Africans with odious ideals would suffice to give this killing spree a life of its own. Recall how during the French Revolution the level of barbarism peaked with peasants mocking and dancing in the streets with beheaded corpses…and all the while longing for the Noble Savage ideals as laid down by Jean Jacques Rousseau, who was in fact the real source of this revolution.

Understanding the Hegelian dialectic is of utmost importance to grasp the workings of the shadow government, which is toiling day and night to encroach on our freedoms and dignity. Having learned from Communist Eastern Europe and Asia, the world’s elite has found ways to refine their strategy for global control. Malema is only the umpteenth pawn in their game. Where he is today, the West would follow suit.

By that same operation, it would only be prudent to use internet and various social media to counteract these forces, and we have no time to waste.

Our survival depends on it.