Six blacks kick white to death in Spur restaurant

Six blacks assaulted, hit and kicked a young white man to death in a Spur restaurant in Alberton, southeast of Johannesburg after first taunting him.

After their atrocious deed, the group of blacks casually returned to their tables where they continued chatting, drinking and eating as if nothing had happened.

Closed-circuit TV footage shows how Bradley du Preez, 20, suddenly turned around in the Little Eagle Spur in Alberton to throw a bottle at the four men and two women sitting at two tables.

Earlier the group had thrown food at Du Preez to provoke him. Personnel at the restaurant had thereupon asked Du Preez to leave in an attempt to defuse the situation.

It was at this point that he threw his beer bottle at the group of troublemakers.

The group of blacks then jumped up and started to hit and kick him repeatedly. Restaurant employees rushed in to try and stop the assault.

Julian Lopez, Ruddy Pholo, Lyll Mkandala, Cisely Molete, Gbadamosi Gbenga, and Ryan Pillay, yesterday appeared in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court in Alberton on charges of murder.

Management closed the doors of the restaurant so that the suspects could not escape and summoned the police after realising that Du Preez no longer had a pulse.

The group was very aggressive and even refused to pay their bill.

Paramedics later declared Du Preez dead on the scene and the police arrested the suspects.

Du Preez’s family has been filled with shock and horror as a result of his terrible death. According to them, he was a soft and kind-hearted person.