‘This kaffir thinks he’s clever’

A Black South African Navy chef has taken a Cape Town police officer to the Equality Court following a racial altercation, The Times reported on Wednesday.

Phila Mnyanda claimed Sergeant Zelda Bussey, who arrested him for suspected drunk driving in 2011, called him a “kaffir”, according to the report.

The coloured sergeant also allegedly injured him while he was transported in the back of a police van to the district surgeon to have his blood drawn.

In court papers, Mnyanda reportedly said: “(Bussey) told her colleague: “This kaffir thinks he’s clever. I’ll sort him out”[Die kaffir dink hy is slim. Ek sal hom uit sort].

“In addition, I sustained physical injuries to my person as a result of the respondent’s negligent driving of the SAPS vehicle while I was in the back thereof.”

Mnyanda was suing Bussey and demanding an apology. The case was postponed.