British police work round the clock to patrol social media

Complaints arising from behaviour on Facebook, Twitter or other social media make up “at least half” of calls passed on to police officers in Britain.

Alex Marshall, head of the College of Policing, said the number of calls relating to social media represented “a real problem for people working on the frontline of policing”.

“Police officers can’t deal with every bit of nonsense or disagreement that occurs on social media,” he told BBC Radio.

Antisocial behaviour and threats of assault are among the most common allegations, said Marshall.

He claimed police training and enforcement by social media companies was needed to combat the problem. About 6000 officers are being trained to deal with online offences and identify when a pattern of behaviour requires further investigation.

“It won’t be long before pretty much every investigation that the police conduct will have an online element to it,” he said.

The director of public prosecutions has issued guidance to prosecutors to determine which cases should be treated as potentially criminal.

They are also advised to look out for messages that constitute a “credible threat of violence “. – Daily Telegraph