Nedbank, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs in serious trouble

Giant law firm Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs and their co-conspirators Nedbank, are in serious trouble.

What happened last week will be devastating to their reputation. They stand to lose millions, if not billions in revenue from boycotts.

By now you know the story of the Ian Brakspear case. Ian had his estate liquidated by Leonard Katz, a Director of Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs. To obtain the liquidation, which left his elderly mother living in a garage and his family in dire straits, a fictitious R7million loan from Nedbank was submitted to the High Court. Then the Court order itself was forged.

The Hawks, who did a thorough investigation into Leonard Katz and the Court order, concur with Brakspear. Since then, Court files have gone missing, legal tricks have delayed proceedings, phones have been tapped and it’s been a cover-up every step of the way.

Nico Botha, claiming to be the Chairman of BOE, submitted a sworn affidavit to the High Court that the above loan was granted. Botha is most certainly NOT the Chairman of BOE. He is an arbitrary director of an insignificant campany called ‘BOE Trust’ with no right to depose of such an affidavit. He is a mere robo-signer. However, a man by the name of David McReady confirmed this affidavit, under oath, to be true! David McReady is a very, very big shot at Nedcor and this indicates just how high up the rot goes. There is no loan agreement or proof of payment that the loan ever took place. These men are lying through their teeth.

However, what you don’t know, is that Ian and his family have had their life threatened many times. They were forced to disconnect their land line and change phone numbers. Ian was attacked in a Durban carpark by two men who poured petrol over him and held a lighter to his face.

Even more sickening is that, despite this, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs backs Leonard Katz 100%.

Judge President Patel Takes Action

Two weeks ago, NewERA subscribers wrote letters to the Judge President of KZN. The Honourable Judge Patel has now formally come to the party. He pulled all parties into Court.

Here is a summary:

KZN Judge president Patel called all parties to appear in Court.

Julian King SC, the Senior Counsel representing Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs (these highly paid advocates charge between R30,000 – R50,000 per morning) was caught with his pants down. King is now on the record with two contradictory statements that implicate both Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs and Nedbank.

Leonard Katz has been caught paying himself two invoices for exactly the same amount of work done, totalling almost R500,000. This is one item in a long list of indiscretions that you can read about in the press links.

The Black Liquidators Association officially supports Ian Brakspear. They briefed their own advocate to witness the proceedings. Her presence was made known to the Judge President on the record and they have offered to legally support Brakspear.

The Black Liquidators Association have their own evidence against Katz and Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs, which will almost certainly form part of the hearing. Further criminal charges against the cartel are imminent.

The case will be heard on the 11th of August in the KZN High Court. Two full weeks have been allocated for the trial to bring down the house of cards. Oscar has nothing on this.

Things are looking very bad for the mighty lawyers and their bankster buddies.

This week Noseweek has put a cartoon of Leonard Katz on their front cover. Their feature story is an expose of what Katz has been doing under the Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs banner. Nedbank and Investec are also implicated. Noseweek dedicated an entire section to Leonard Katz.

Other journalists were also witnessing the events, including the Sunday Times who made their presence known to the Judge President.

So far, Leonard Katz happily continues to be a practicing Director of Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs.