Rape now almost as common in Sweden as in South Africa

As a result of immigration and government cover-ups, rape statistics in Sweden have shot through the roof. Sweden is the only industrial country that gets anywhere near South Africa, the so-called “rape capital of the world”.

According to international rape statistics per capita, South Africa is right at the top, while Sweden comes in at number six, after three Southern African countries (Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland), as well as Bermuda. How come Sweden, renowned for its social welfare system and hard-core feminism, could top the charts in Europe when it comes to female violation, just like politically correct South Africa has shown the world what sexual tyranny looks like?

Foreigners (the red bar) commit most rapes in Sweden, yet the government refuses to acknowledge the fact
Foreigners (the red bar) commit most rapes in Sweden, yet the government refuses to acknowledge the fact

According to this Swedish graph, rape is disproportionately committed by immigrants. UN figures, as reported by the left-wing Swedish daily Aftonbladet, show that the incidence of rape in Sweden steadily rose per 100 000 population members from 2004 to 2008:

2008: 53.2

2007: 46.6

2006: 40.6

2005: 36.8

2004: 25.1

Last year, in 2013, Sweden’s rate was even higher at 63 per 100 000.

As Aftonbladet puts it: “Only in the small African country of Lesotho were more rapes reported than here,” ironically forgetting about the “heavyweight champion” in this domain, South Africa.

However, the Swedish academic and government elite refuse to acknowledge the obvious, namely that rape is fuelled by immigration. Here is what professor Niklas Långström, an expert on sex crimes at the Karolinska Institute, has to say:

“The high figure does not necessarily mean that Swedes are actually at greater risk of being raped than others. The reason is that the propensity to report a rape may be higher here than in other countries.”

‘It’s the drink’

Niklas Långström
Niklas Långström

Professor Långström also blames a greater propensity to consume alcohol among Swedish men for the rise in rape statistics.

“We consume more alcohol and it is seen more in outdoor environments than before. This increases the risk situations. Say that two to three percent of the male population would be willing to commit sex offences in certain circumstances. Now they are exposed to more opportunities than in the past,” he says.

Government officials also regard the rise in sex crimes as a statistical anomaly due to “better reporting”.