Red Terror and the killing in South Africa

I came across this interesting quote from the Mengistu era in Ethiopia yesterday, whose communist-style party, the Derg, said the following in 1976:

“We are ready to unleash red terror on the EPRP fascists. Their blood shall serve as the water with which we (will) put out the fire of counter revolution.” Asked by Amnesty International, the Voice of Masses radio, a mouthpiece for the Derg regime, responded that “if they [human rights groups] say we don’t have to kill people, aren’t they saying that we can quit the Revolution? The cry to stop the killing is a bourgeois cry.”

Unfortunately, South Africa is also living through some kind of Red Terror with Afrikaner farmers being tortured and hacked to death. Yet, because they have been so vilified by the British media and the generally left-wing, quasi-communist universities in South Africa, no-one is paying any attention.

As they say, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Aboobaker Ismail, who masterminded the Church Street bomb that killed 19 and injured more than 200 people on 20 May 1983 is fêted as a hero in South Africa and he received a top job at the South African Reserve Bank. Many of his victims are still alive, blinded and maimed for life and they will never receive compensation from the revolutionary South African state either which prefers to squander public money to uphold the lifestyles of its heroic ex-terrorist “cadres”.