Black ANC official commits ‘worst farm cruelty’ with scores of dead animals

Police and officials from the SPCA have found animals either dead or starving at a Potchefstroom farm belonging to former North West premier and newly-elected National Council of Provinces chairperson, Thandi Modise.

It appeared that the over 100 pigs, sheep, chickens and goats had been without water and food for a week, possibly two.

The SPCA was called to Thandi Modise’s farm in the North West after receiving a tip-off that animals on the land had been abandoned. What they found shocked them.

Andries Venter of the SPCA said, “It’s the worst farm cruelty that I’ve come across in the twenty years that I’ve been with the SPCA. Its horrific. We’re all at a loss for words.”

He said, “From the carcasses that we’ve seen and confirmation from the vet it could be seven days. But the information that we have is that the farm has been abandoned for two weeks.

“However, we found carcasses which are strewn around the property which indicates it has been going on for much longer than two weeks.”

The SPCA decided to euthanise the remaining pigs on the farm after it was discovered they were cannibalising the dead pigs.

Attempts to dispose of sheep carcasses by workers brought in after the grisly discovery led to a fire on the farm.

Modise has owned the property for several years.Her associates, who were on the farm, claim the farm manager left his post to deal with a family emergency and his interim replacement had disappeared, leaving the farm with no water or electricity and the animals to fend for themselves.

Modise did not respond to several requests for an interview.

The SPCA intends to open up a criminal case against Thandi Modise. It says as the owner of the farm she remains ultimately responsible for the cruelty that occurred.

Source: eNCA