PRAAG supports EFF call to scrap Die Stem

PRAAG, the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, has come out in favour of the EFF plan to scrap the bits of Die Stem still sung as part of the South African national anthem.

“Although, like all Afrikaners, we love Die Stem,” said Dan Roodt, leader of PRAAG, “we have to face the fact that it represents a kind of patriotism and national identity that do not fit in with South Africa’s open-border, internationalist, pan-African policies.”

According to PRAAG, there is vast popular and institutional support for doing away with Die Stem, which is being astutely exploited by the Economic Freedom Fighters. “Just like the Business Day, the country’s main business newspaper, supports the confiscation of Afrikaner-owned farms, the English universities, media, and even religious bodies like the South African Council of Churches or the Jewish Board of Deputies would also support doing away with any Afrikaans or Afrikaner snippets still included in the national anthem. There is a rising tide of Boerehaat in South Africa, which it would be unwise to further exacerbate by insisting on any retention of Afrikaner elements within South Africa’s post-1994 British and pan-African identity.”

At the same time PRAAG supports the singing of Die Stem at Afrikaans art festivals, such as Innibos in Nelspruit where singer Steve Hofmeyr recently got 45 000 people to sing the 1928 anthem written by poet CJ Langenhoven, as well as other Afrikaner patriotic songs. “Steve did the right thing,” said Roodt. “We have to face the fact that mainstream South Africa has rejected our language, culture, literature and traditions and as a non-colonial people we would never force it upon others, unlike the British, French and other colonial powers. Let us sing Die Stem henceforth among ourselves, as a souvenir of our lost sovereignty and a song of hope for the future when sometime we will again be free of cultural, linguistic, political and military domination.”

Roodt also rejected neo-marxist criticism of Hofmeyr’s act in Nelspruit, with left-wing radicals characterising it as “fascist” and “authoritarian”. “These days in our country, everything is ‘fascist’,” Roodt said. “The family, heterosexuality, spelling correctly, giving marks for a maths test, rugby, aesthetic standards, stopping immigrants at the border, are all derided as manifestations of right-wing extremism. The EFF does not wear red overalls for nothing. In fact, Julius Malema is the spiritual and intellectual leader of the South African revolution and we predict that the universities will soon fall over themselves to award him honorary doctorates in political science, economics and philosophy.”

“Let us not stand in the way of transformation and revolution,” Roodt concluded. “But at the same time, let us uphold our quaint habits, such as good Afrikaans spelling, giving marks for maths tests in our schools and singing Die Stem.”

  • Rooikop

    Hoe gouer hoe beter ons die stem se belediging verwyder hoe beter.

  • betzie

    Goed gesê . Ek stem saam .

  • Johann Schutte

    The fight/flight response comes to mind.

    Flight is the first impulse, evoked by threat/discomfort of a sufficient level of severity to initiate avoidance behaviour.

    If flight is not possible, or if the the threat/discomfort level increases sufficiently, a second threshold is reached, and fight ensues.

    The anti-European movement (ANC/EFF etc) would do well to maintain their antagonist in a state of flight. This will eventually culminate in a ‘slow-burn’ eradication as the young ‘uns leave in droves, never to return, and the remaining oldies stop breeding.

    If they (ANC/EFF etc) exceed the second threshold, they run the risk of initiating a fight that they may well lose.

    They’re pushing their luck. Their arrogant disenfranchisement of the Afrikaner may turn out to be extremely counterproductive, which is why I am all for it. The alternative is a slow ethnic death.

    • Rasta Dono

      you not thinking honestly do you think they will loose boss the war would never stop you would be fought by young people from all african countries and the end result whites could never go to rural areas and would be strip of every dont play with revenge i will advise you and people like be very careful what you hope for desmond tutu warn you and told you to get a leader please for the sake of the young white kids rich or poor tone down your redrick all government monitor what citizen said beleave it or not they read the comments

      • Johann Schutte

        You make some excellent points Rasta. Please tell me more.

      • betzie

        A woman’s spirit ,while she is being raped or killed by primitive beings , can soar like an eagle in flight . ‘ She is broken . She’s a sparrow-wind . but when she flies , she is like an eagle .’ Inner strength can not be bought . It is found in integrity which is inborn .

        • betzie

          Oeps . Mens gee nie jouself n oppyltjie nie .

  • Rifrug

    Dankie drDan … ek STEM saam! Ons was nog nooit deel van HULLE nie.

    Ek hou ook baie van die TV-lisensieboikot maar kan ongelukkig nie deelneem nie (het nog nooit betaal nie). Wanneer ek TV’s koop sê ek net “dis ‘n skerm vir ‘n rekenaar” as hul vra vir ‘n lisensie.

  • Tebza Reginaldson Aaron

    i have a dream that one day… we will all live together in harmony and not kill one another as in the eyes of god we are one being…@Johann Schutte if you want revenge you will get it and @rastadono:disqus we as the youth are for peace not statements like johan’s, really maybe he might not suffer now but if the whites still have this mentallity that blacks will kill one another then i feel so sorry for their grand kids………