‘White conservatives behind SA’s rape epidemic’

One Bruce Gorton writes in Timeslive that white conservatives are the ones behind the South African corrective rape epidemic.

“Sure there are liberal rapists, but they aren’t doing it to people specifically for being gay,” Gorton says.

Consider this – before colonialism in Africa there wasn’t much of a tradition of homophobia. That is something that came in with the missionaries – but now it is the traditionalists, those who go on about African culture, who are most opposed to gay rights.

Meanwhile the white conservatives in South Africa are pretty much in agreement – it is the same thing from cultures that are supposed to hate each other.

Conservatives don’t give a damn about their culture, they care about excuses to make other people miserable.

In rural America, people who proudly self-identify as rednecks, are driving four-by-four trucks specially modded to belch out black smoke at the push of a button.

They spend $500 and $5,000 for these modifications, which actually reduce the power of their engines, so they can set out to “roll coal” on pedestrians, people ridding bicycles, and driving small cars on the highway.

Which is to say, congratulations America’s right wing, you are now real-world Captain Planet villains.

These are people who specifically foul the air with poison gas, in a way that reduces visibility for fellow motorists, because they don’t like clean air.

And they are the American conservative movement. That is what the American right wing is all about – simple, pointless spite.

The chief sin in conservative ideology is not hurting other people, it is being politically correct.

And conservatives will go to a special effort to be arsehole to other people in order to protest the idea that showing some consideration for other people is a good thing.

They don’t just roll coal on America’s highways.

Consider how Americans view the current president. I disagree with a lot of Barack Obama’s policies, I think he is way too comfortable playing Peeping Tom on everybody’s email, phone discussions and Internet usage.

But that isn’t what America’s conservatives criticise, no they claim he is a “Kenyan Muslim” – because they are all about bullying people for being non-white and non-Christian.

Wait, you express disgust at the basic xenophobia, religious bigotry and racism inherent in accusing a black man of being an African of another religion as if that is some sort of knock-down argument against his presidency?

Well now you’re just being politically correct.

That is American conservatism, and more than that, that is the conservatism of just about everybody else.

This is the heart of homophobia, of sexism, of racism, of all the other little hateful bits of shit that cling to the shoes of society – not ignorance but the pure, unadulterated wish to make the world worse.

The BNP don’t protest for a better Britain, they fight for the British value of bullying foreigners. Australia’s conservatives don’t want a better Australia, they want to ship refugees off to countries with laws very similar to the ones they were fleeing in the first place.

They’re all about just rolling coal over the rest of humanity.