Footage of blacks kidnapping white twins goes viral

CCTV footage of two blacks walking out of a pharmacy with white twins in a trolley – when their mother had turned her back on them for just a few seconds – has gone viral.

The attempted kidnapping of the 4-year-old brother and sister took place on Monday afternoon at the Zambezi Junction mall in Pretoria.

Crime-fighting organisation eBlockwatch posted the footage of the blacks walking off with the children on its Facebook page.

Founder Andre Snyman said they have had complaints from the public in the past about people trying to snatch small white children while the adults were shopping.

He had always thought they were hoax, he said.

But, this time the video footage showed this did, in fact, happen.

The twins’ father, Dale Ribbink, posted two CCTV videos on his Facebook page.

They seem to show that four blacks, two men and two women, were working together.

In the first video, a man and woman are seen harassing a mother at the till.

The mother is holding her 2-year-old son on the counter.

They get into an argument and the pair leave the store, only to come back in and grab the trolley with the children in it.

The mother said she fetched her son from school and went to the pharmacy because he was sick.

At the till, she noticed two people standing near her, she said.

“I felt a hand in my pocket and my cellphone and wallet were in there, so I asked the woman what she thought she was doing,” she said.

At first the woman didn’t answer her, but when the mother asked again, the tall black woman started shouting at her in a confrontational manner, asking: “What are you to do?”

The mother pointed to the camera, saying she would report her as a pickpocket.

She said the pair left the store, only to come back a few minutes later.

“I think they wanted to distract me, to get me into an argument so that they could grab my son,” she said.

Ribbink said his wife was looking for nasal spray.

She bent down to fetch the medicine and when she looked up, a black woman had walked out of the shop with their children.

Source: IOL