HIV-teacher charged with murder after raping children

A Johannesburg primary school teacher has been charged with attempted murder after the HIV-positive man allegedly raped two schoolboys.

The 44-year-old black teacher, who worked at Soweto’s Sediba-Thuto Primary school until he was fired in February, briefly appeared at the Protea Magistrate’s Court yesterday (16-7-14), where he is also facing two charges of rape.

The charges relate to his alleged rape of two boys, aged nine and 10, from the school, while the prosecution has not ruled out that other alleged victims may still come forward.

The teacher, who was dismissed by the Gauteng Department of Education in November for absconding from work, was initially charged with raping the older boy, but yesterday prosecutor Carina Coetzee added another rape charge after a 9-year-old boy came forward.

According to the charge sheet, the teacher also stands accused of “unlawfully and intentionally” attempting to kill the older boy by “exposing him to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection”. Coetzee said this was because the teacher was aware of his HIV status at the time of the alleged rape. She added that he may face another charge of attempted murder once the state ascertains if he knew of his status at the time of the alleged incident involving the younger child.

Yesterday, magistrate Audrey Mpofu gave other potential victims a chance to come forward. The prosecution has been given until the end of August to bring any additional charges against the teacher, with the trial set to start in October.