Why Israel will fall

Ever since Hitler not one Western country with a single (exclusive) identity has been allowed to exist.

The chaos caused by the highly controversial (Obama mandated?) reintroduction of the word “God” and the sentence “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, is ominously foreboding of the fate that awaits Israel in the near future.

Ironically enough, it is mainly due to the utopianism of secular Jews that Israel now finds herself in the current predicament where she is increasingly vilified by the world media and protesters in the world’s capitals. From Karl Marx to KGB agent Joe Slovo (Mandela’s mentor/handler) in South Africa, these secular Jews have done their utmost to destroy cultural and racial hegemony in the name of global “Equality/Diversity”.

Jerusalem, a physical territory, is symbolic of the wider physical territory called Israel. And the State of Israel is defined by a single (exclusive) identity namely Jewishness. And that is why Israel will fall.

Ever since Hitler not one Western country with a single (exclusive) identity has been allowed to exist. Apartheid South Africa’s whites-only territory is no more, like Milosevic’s Orthodox Christian-only Yugoslavia.

The same fate awaits Israel.  Its singular identity, its Jewishness, is also its Achilles heel; for the rights of the individual and the rights of non-territorial groupings is the flavor of the month in the year dominated by Pax Americana.

According to the Ten Commandments of Pax Americana, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a gay, an African, a Muslim, a Jew, et cetera, has the a-historical right to exercise his/her unique individuality in any physical territory under direct dominion of the West.

These same rights are afforded to all other non-territorial groupings like, for example, lesbians and the illegal Hispanic immigrants in Arizona – and the Somalis (and other Africans) gathered together in the world’s largest detention centre (in Saharonim) and then deported from Israeli territory.

The quirks of History never cease to amaze. Not unlike the Germanic tribes with their Völkerwanderung, the Jewish tribes had to literally wander the earth for ages in order to finally find their Heimat…only to be denied that final place of rest where they can simply be themselves and enjoy the fruits of that which they have struggled and suffered for, for so long.

Is this fair? Does anybody in the world have the moral right to deny the Jews their Heimat called Israel – a tiny 20 770 square kilometer territory in the Middle East? Haven’t the Jews suffered enough, especially given the fact that they have been physically kicked out of more than 100 countries during the past 1800 years, and have suffered innumerable pogroms – the latest being the Crown Heights Riot in Brooklyn, New York, in 1991.

Obviously this is not fair, but that is obviously also not good enough. The trials and tribulations of the Jews in Israel are about to treble exponentially.

According to an 82-page research paper called “Preparations for a Post-Israeli Middle East” – compiled by the American intelligence community and presented by Franklin Lamb – America’s leadership is urged to stop supporting Israel lest a permanent two-state solution for the Palestinian question is found forthwith. In short; America, via its foreign policy, can no longer afford to be seen as a supporter of an “Apartheid Israel”, as Desmond Tutu calls it so fondly.

Will America throw Israel to the wolves? Yes; it is a demographic inevitability. Israel’s staunchest supporters in America – white Christian males forming the base of the Republican Party – have a maximum of 10 years left to steer America’s foreign policy before they are demographically swamped by the very “individual-rights” holders and non-territorial groupings who jeered so loudly and proudly when the sentence “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” was reintroduced into the Democratic platform a few years ago.

The end of the GOP is nigh. The vultures are circling. Just ask Paul Krugman, who unabashedly proclaimed that the Republican base is formed, “by and large [by] elderly white people arguing with empty chairs.”

Be that as it may; what can Israel try to do to maintain its unique Jewish identity once America, the (current) dominant global power, has withdrawn its support?

Well, it is quite elementary. By the nature of things, you have to exclude if you want to include, and vice versa. Male lions do it when they take over a territory – as do women when they choose a man to marry, to the exclusion of all others. This is just the way life works. And the Jews have learned this the hard way, throughout their tragic history.

Israel is now building a physical wall around its territory in order to protect its unique identity. The building of this wall – much to the chagrin of, amongst others, Pax Americana and the Muslim countries completely surrounding Israel  – is, apart from the projection of its formidable military might, the only soft-power option left to maintain the physical integrity of its territory.

Will this work? No. Even Milosevic’s mighty hard-power army succumbed eventually, as did Apartheid South Africa’s soft-power pass system. It is truly game over for the state of Israel.

The identity/body politics of the secular-humanist West tops any and all soft and hard power projections aimed at maintaining a singularly exclusive identity within a clearly defined physical territory.

In Pax Americana, to paraphrase Foucault; physical territory is the prison of the individual.

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    America will throw even their best friends to the dogs if it suits their policy of self enrichment.
    What will they all do once BRICS gets on the road ?

    • Albert Brenner

      True. All empires become completely self-serving….before they die.

  • Alan Joseph Secrève


    • Albert Brenner

      Thanks, Joseph 🙂

  • Guest

    Until someone sings the Stem, causing outright hysteria amongst the “non-territorials”. They seem a tad too edgy for folks so tooootaaaally in control. But as Gilad Atzmon has assured us, Israel is toiling for the “non-territorials”.

  • TF

    Is this some sort of pro-Israel, zionist sympathetic article on praag?

    “Haven’t the Jews suffered enough, especially given the fact that they
    have been physically kicked out of more than 100 countries during the
    past 1800 years, and have suffered innumerable pogroms”

    Why don’t you ask yourself why these Jews have been kicked out of every country they have ever inhabited? Why is everyone else the problem and not the Jews themselves?
    Or do you think that white Europeans are just stupid racist anti-Semites who persecuted the Jews for no rational reason and they should pay more holohoax reparations to Israel?

    • ss

      Well said TF. Thank you.

    • Götterdammerung

      Have you actually read and understood the article? Go get some tinfoil – you need a new hat

      • TF

        Yes i have. It sounds like a shabbos goy defending the honour of his Jewish master.

        Put your yalmulke back jooh.

        • Albert Brenner

          If you insist on going down Hegel’s Master and Slave dialectic, heed waking up in La La Land.

        • Götterdammerung

          Another neo-Nazi moron that’s spoiling the gene pool by urinating in it

          • Albert Brenner

            Exactly. The only difference between Nazism and Zionism is that the latter despises foreskins.

    • Albert Brenner

      Do endeavour to comprehend the subtext… especially direct comparisons between cherubs and lepers.

    • Johann Schutte

      I thought it was naively pro Israel as well.

      • Albert Brenner

        Nee, Johan. Kyk na die subteks…m.a.w. die fyn dekonstruksie van die verskil tussen dit wat as ‘goed’ geag word en dit was as ‘sleg’ geag word.

        In korte; dit is absoluut skynheilg vir een land om aan te dring op n unieke identiteit binne vaste grense, maar dit moreel te negeer vir ander lande.

        • Johann Schutte

          We’re all somewhere on the continuum between paranoia and naivete. I incline to the former.

          Israel exists, and will cease to exist, both these states being a function of a ever changing popular moral substrate that is opportunistically cultivated and modulated towards the achievement and maintenance of power.

          Adherence to ‘popular opinion’ (i.e. a state of having been brainwashed), facilitated global support for the creation of Israel, and will be reengineered into its polar opposite when it becomes lucrative to do so.

          The Israeli simpleton is no different from the Afrikaner simpleton, or the American simpleton for that matter. When the time comes (and I agree with you that the signs are there), Israel, like the Afrikaners will be destroyed. Whilst the Afrikaners seem to be doing a slow-burn self-immolation through internalized aggression (neurotic guilt and suicidal expiation), the Israelis will simply be wiped out en masse over a relatively short period.

          International jewry’s interest in Israel is determined only by the latter’s utility, which was always going to be temporary.

          • Albert Brenner


          • Guest

            Internalized aggression, due to neurotic guilt and suicidal expiation, is rather a “non-territorial” trait. Their salespeople congregate at Beeld

  • Guest

    Israel has been allowed to function as a pirate island for Britain and the US, a kind of supermarket for stolen patents where the Russians and Chinese shop compliments of the NSA, to stock up for the coming MAD, noo-cular winter. That’s why they lasted this long. Without German funding the supermarket can’t afford the rent. If the NSA gets coy, so will the buyers. With an average IQ of 90 the supermarket owners are struggling to manufacture narratives worth investing in

    • ss

      Only with that stupid “guilt feeling” of todays Germans , their astronomical financial contributions, and American weapons is Israel able to exist today to set the world on fire.

      • Albert Brenner

        Zionism will not escape the trap German Enlightenment idealism fell into.

        There will be no terrestrial Utopia, ever.

  • i

    The Jews deserve what they get. The only problem is if Israel is defeated, all those yids will come flooding into Europe where they’ll cause even more problems.

    Jews – No one likes them, no one wants them.

    • ss

      Most of this rats left the sinking ship (with full hands) . We definitely do not want them back in our land. Enough problems with the dark race!

  • nic

    Albert, I like…except that you did not leave room for the Hand of the Allmighty which may prove a game-changer when it concers Canaan…

    • Albert Brenner


  • stan

    god gave the jews that land whoever will curse a jew,god will curse them ,whoever will bless a jew,god will bless them. the 6 day war they were outnumbered 20 to 1. they dident know they were fighting against god

    • Guest

      Stan they were fighting against Afrikaner brilliance. Sadly they can no longer count on that

  • Johann Theron

    Brilliant soos gewoonlik. Ek wonder net wat Baron Rothchild daarvan dink? Want blykbaar het hy die Israel gebied gekoop by die Britte teen die einde van die 2 WWO. In so ‘n konteks is daar heelwat landsgrense onder verdenking.

  • KReinhart

    Simply brilliant.