‘Necklace’ attack on Afrikaner woman

A white Afrikaner woman, Jenny van Tonder, 63, suffered a necklace attack this week as a black attacker, Edwin Mapatha, 57, threw gasoline over her and her car and then set her alight.

Van Tonder has sustained 25% burn wounds over her body. Her face, chest and arms have been burnt and her throat and lungs severely affected.

The “necklace”, a method whereby the victim is burnt alive, usually by also placing a tyre around his or her neck, was popularised by so-called “freedom fighters” from the ruling ANC and South African Communist Party in the 1980s.

A private security guard, Gerrit Coetzee of Special Operations Group, had to arrest Mapatha as the South African Police failed to intervene. In fact, many police officers have been recruited from the ANC’s militia, Umkhonto we Sizwe, whose main war song is “Kill a Boer, kill a farmer”.

Until now, it has not been confirmed or denied that Mapatha is a member of Umkhonto we Sizwe.

However, the victim is not out of danger yet. She is being treated in a state hospital, Chris Hani Baragwanath, in the black area of Soweto. The hospital was named after Communist Party leader and extremist terrorist, Chris Hani, who was known for his antiwhite views and influence over the Soweto community. It is feared that Van Tonder could be attacked once again in hospital.

Plastic surgeons are supposed to examine the victim. As South Africa has imported a large number of doctors from the remaining communist countries, notably Cuba, and chances are that they will be Cubans.

Black-on-white revenge attacks are a common occurrence in South Africa, as the state television often incite blacks to go out and kill white people. Both the president, Jacob Zuma, and the then youth leader of the ruling party, Julius Malema, have publicly called for the killing of whites and to “make the dogs and cowards run”.

During the notorious “farm murders” elderly white victims are usually tortured for hours before being murdered. Few perpetrators are ever apprehended as police claim to be “overwhelmed”.