Current activities of ANC and Communists in SA

By Johann Theron.

It is known that the ANC driven Government of South Africa has opposing external to internal relational policies.

Its general purpose is to confuse both the foreign investor and local citizen. However, according to the ANC’s website – the NEC (National Executive Committee of the ANC), calls for the following:

“—destroy the old order”

Clearly they have been advantaged by the old profitable order, but they plan on moving forward soon to destroy it in exchange for an as yet undefined socialism without it actually being a socialist approach. This “officially” comprises the development of jobs through micro-, medium, large companies and cooperatives to be sponsored by the Post Office.

On the other hand the Umsebenzi Online available from the SACP website describes how the world battle for hegemony should locally be engaged via a more robust SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), with certain implications for other local media organizations (and news sites).

It is quite clear that the SACP is more intellectual, where it even attempts to describe the entire “world balance of forces” leaning towards the left – something Albert Brenner from Praag touched on earlier.

In this same period a recent BMI Strategic Workshop was held with some 100 white haired white gentlemen with facilitators like Llewellyn Lewis and presenters like Theo Venter from North West University. During the day interesting statements were made such as that the general discourse is determined by the small parties with the EFF on the one side and FF on the other.

A well-known (local Indian) economist with “political connections” was asked why the government is going the wrong way despite being advised correctly, pointing to low growth figures compared to countries across its borders. His answer was that the ruling party simply does not have the capacity to understand such advice.

Connecting the dots described above paints an uneasy picture, sometimes known as a “scenario”. Various such scenarios have recently seen the light of day, delivered by the likes of by Frans Cronje and Sampie Terreblanche, and before them Clem Sunter.

Someone said the discourse is determined by the ruling class, and maybe they believe that and want that to be true, but the private sector communications and technological advantage rules the roost, because the infrastructure is independent of the State.

Therefore, while Venter and his ilk are entertaining a highly educated crowd, the fact of the matter is that the old order is going to be destroyed and the only advantage we have is to communicate more effectively.

Not tomorrow like the typical State Owned Enterprise, but today, like driven private and commercial citizens.