PRAAG to oppose ‘Ebola-like outbreak of Boerehaat in South Africa’

PRAAG, the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, is meeting this week to consider the options in what it described as the “Ebola-like outbreak of Boerehaat in South Africa”.

“We’ve had it,” said Dr. Dan Roodt, leader of PRAAG. “In the latest incident a modelling agency down in Cape Town, Elite Models, told an Afrikaans girl of 16 that she was a ‘Nazi’ and should be ashamed of putting Afrikaans as a language on her CV. Hatred of Afrikaans and Afrikaners, tradionally known as ‘Boerehaat’, has reached boiling point.”

PRAAG is instructing its lawyers to sue both Iris Minier who made the remark to Anna Modler, 16, and Elite Models in the Equality Court. “This is like Germany in the 1930s,” Roodt continued. “Not only are we being massacred on the farms and being discriminated against by this sadistic English state, but there are now people who actually call us ‘Nazi’s’ when they are the real perpetrators of a crime against humanity by ethnically cleansing us from the country for which we trekked, fought and died.”

Reacting to reports that the Department of Higher Education under its communist minister was going to anglicise the NWU’s Potchefstroom campus, PRAAG declared: “According to an interview with Minister Blade Nzimande published today, he is the son of a foreigner, a Mozambican who also happened to be a criminal. We demand to know when Nzimande became a South African citizen, when and where his birth was registered and by what right he may impose his language, English, on our beautiful students on their pristine rural campus which was founded by our own people and which has existed in Potchefstroom since 1905.”

PRAAG called on Nzimande “to put a stop to his irrational hatred of Afrikaans and Afrikaners, even though he comes from Natal where the Union Jack once flew” and honour the commitment given by the ANC in 2000 that “at least two universities should retain their Afrikaans language and character”.

“However, we have become used to the very English duplicity of this government. Just like Tony Blair, that war criminal, lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, only to kill a million Iraqis, this equally hideous English government is reneging on its promises to at least accord a modicum of language rights to the indigenous Afrikaner people,” said Roodt.

The leader of PRAAG also expressed his fear that both the ANC and “the motley collection of Boerehaat fanatics thronging in Johannesburg and in Cape Town, especially in the British-oriented media, would start treating us like Palestinians and kill even more of our children than their sadistic freedom fighters are already doing on the farms and in the suburbs”.

“We reject your fake English state, with your fake PhDs, your fake British identity, your bad taste, your horrible SABMiller culture, your bad food, your ugly buildings, your corruption, your sewage in our rivers, your lies, your fake Marxist history, your fake everything. Just deliver us from this English-Kampuchean ‘democratic’ nightmare in which, to quote Mr. Steve Hofmeyr, our people are dying like flies,” the leader of PRAAG concluded.

He previously tweeted: “‘Democratic Kampuchea’ under Pol Pot lasted 4 years. ‘Democratic South Africa’ another tragic mistake. Scrap it now & give us cantons!”

Note: Roodt’s reference to “fake PhDs” comes after the recent revelation that Pallo Jordan, who had successively held three ministerial posts in South Africa, had lied for 30 years about having a doctoral degree when in fact he had not even graduated for a Bachelor’s degree. The head of the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), Hlaudi Motsoeneng, was equally embroiled in a scandal for lying about having a matric, or school-leaving certificate, which was exposed some weeks before Pallo Jordan’s fake qualifications.

Regarding “sewage in the rivers”, as a result of municipal corruption and profligacy, up to 47 megalitres of raw sewage per day are being released into the Vaal River, the main source of water for the country’s biggest urban concentration around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Municipal officials and petty local politicians are also stealing and spending funds by buying luxury cars and houses while not paying the national electricity utility, Eskom, leading to whole towns being cut off from the electricity grid.

South Africa is the rape capital of the world with more than a million women being raped annually. On average 45 people are also murdered every day, with Afrikaner farmers and suburban children often tortured to death for hours. 4000 farmers have already been killed in ethnic murders by marauding killers, some of whom have received military training in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.