‘Idiot’ Afrikaners and clever Jews

by Johan de Wet

I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks
Let’s make lots of money
You’ve got the brawn, I’ve got the brains
Let’s make lots of money – The Petshop Boys

Afrikaans columnist Manfred Delport has just alerted me to the latest Boerehaat shriek by one Richard Poplak from the Daily Maverick which he calls a “linkse haatblad” (leftist hate site). No, Manfred, said Daily Maverick is not so much leftist, as Jewish. OK, so usually the two go together. Outside Israel, one can almost count the number of right-wing Jews on one hand.

I know I am sticking my neck out in daring to point to the ethnic composition of the Daily Maverick’s set of Boerehaat screamers. Voltaire said that if you want to know who your oppressors are, you should think about the people you are not allowed to criticise. Until this latest spate of child-killing by the Israelis, the J-word was about as taboo in South Africa as the K-word. But in an astonishing twist of fate, the word “apartheid” which so many Jews in South Africa, in Britain and in the USA worked so hard to turn into a stigma attached to South Africa and to Afrikaners has now come back to haunt them, with “Apartheid Israel” being flavour of the month.

Even Chomsky has said that apartheid as practised in Israel is actually worse than apartheid in South Africa. He recently repeated this statement in a phone interview with PressTV:

“Hospitals have been attacked repeatedly. Each one is a war crime. In fact, for Israel to fire one bullet across the border is also a crime. Trials for war crimes only apply to the defeated. Within the occupied territories, Israel’s policies are much worse than apartheid, if you mean by apartheid South African-style apartheid. And it is a kind of gift to Israel to compare it to South Africa.”


Although Johannesburg Jews pretend otherwise, the Afrikaner government actually built Baragwanath hospital in Soweto, they never once bombed it! Imagine, after one of Joe Slovo and Umkhonto we Sizwe’s terrorist attacks in the 1980’s, we had to send the Mirages over Soweto to bomb black civilians there in retribution, like Israel is doing at present. This is the stuff of fantasy, Jewish fantasy. Read Nadine Gordimer’s trashy little novella, July’s People, where she foresees the shooting down of civilian aeroplanes, Malaysian Airlines-style, full of screaming white people in South Africa’s glorious anti-white revolution sometime in the future.

The Daily Maverick is the latest in a long line of leftist Jewish publications, starting with Ruth First’s Guardian and the Rand Daily Mail in its more extremist moments, which was partially resurrected in the form of the Weekly Mail founded by two Jews, Irwin Manoim and Anton Harber. These days its successor, the Mail & Guardian, is slightly more of a mainstream newspaper, hence the need for the Daily Maverick where “Jewish genii” may vent their hatred for everything South African and especially Afrikaans.

Afrikaners in their naivete still remember the days when Israel was an ally of previous Afrikaner governments and are completely unaware of the sustained Jewish onslaught on them. Richard Poplak is a self-proclaimed Jewish genius whose mommy has been telling him since his Bar Mitzvah that he would one day receive the Nobel prize for literature, just like Nadine Gordimer.

If there are two things I understand about Jewish identity in Johannesburg and probably Cape Town, they are: (1) Every Jew is also an American. (2) Every Jew abhors Afrikaans, Afrikaners, boeremusiek, volkspele, boerewors, biltong, rugby, Steve Hofmeyr, the architecture of Gerard Moerdijk, Bloemfontein and Pretoria, the paintings of Pierneef and just about everything else you can think of. In fact, academic Jews give each other PhDs for denouncing the Afrikaans language and culture as racist, backward, fascist and so on.

In Blade Nzimande’s quest for “more South African PhDs”, he should just hand all 80 000 Jews in the country a title; after all, they already congratulate each other on their utter brilliance all the time. It might also save us from the embarassing episodes when we discover that black politicians, praised almost as lavishly by Jews as those of their own ilk, such as Pallo Jordan, turn out to have fake PhDs.

And, of course, within the “chosen people” ideology of Jews, Afrikaners are congenitally stupid. Hence Richard Poplak’s rant about the two female students in which he makes two main points: He, Richard Poplak, is a genius. After all, he has heard of something called “conceptual art”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! And, secondly, Afrikaans students are in need of re-education. As he puts it:

I propose an art gallery of South African stupidity, a building devoted to the enactment of racial stereotypes that remind us of our foetal id, of the miasma we swim in every day in our tentative and botched way of becoming a different, properly reconciled country.

“South African stupidity” is code for Afrikaans culture and the incomplete re-education of Afrikaners, all of whom have not yet accepted vicarious Jewish domination through Malema-like “Marxist-Leninist” radicalism and fervent white guilt. The father of Jewish-South African radicalism, Joe Slovo, envisaged a world in which a committee of Jews within the South African Communist Party would rule the country while their Zulu and Xhosa impis cheer their “liberators”. Like the NAACP in the USA, for most of its existence the ANC has been a Jewish front organisation controlled by the more kosher Communist Party. Mandela’s “autobiography” was written by an American Jew, Richard Stengel. An interesting article is currently doing the rounds, The role of Jews in South Africa since 1948. Nothing much of this is new: Jews openly brag about their role in the downfall of Afrikaner power in South Africa in various books and articles.

Apparently there is something like a Black-Jewish Entrepreneurs Network which proudly proclaims that Jews and blacks will “develop the country together”. The rest of us are not needed. In fact, if one reads between the lines, white South Africans and especially Afrikaners, have no future in the land of braaivleis and sunny skies.

Blacks have the numbers, Jews have the money. It is a beautiful synergy in South Africa, where every black leader or politician is for sale. Hence the motto above from the Petshop Boys:

I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks
Let’s make lots of money
You’ve got the brawn, I’ve got the brains
Let’s make lots of money

After Brian Joffe’s takeover of Adcock Ingram and Clencore’s acquisition of Xstrata’s coal empire, there are few areas of the South African economy left that are not in some way controlled by Jews, including Gill Marcus at the helm of our central bank and Rob Davies as minister of trade and industry. It is almost comical how the South African Reserve Bank has now become a purveyor of Mandela coins, to be on-sold by Jewish coin merchants. According to Niall Ferguson’s book on the Rothschild family, Mayer Amschel Rothschild set off on conquering Europe’s banking capitals by trading in collector’s coins. Old habits die hard.

The Russian Pravda recently carried a surprising comment in its delectably Russified English:

The victim of the humanitarian imperialism could be a Boer (a Palestinian in our times) or any people convinced of a barbarian conduct (see the pamphlets of the NYT against ‘homophobe’ Uganda these last weeks).

Jews were first welcomed into the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) in the 1890s as refugees from Lithuania. In an amazing turn of the tables, Johannesburg’s powerful Jewish elite is now dictating what “South African” identity should be (and even whom may still be tolerated in the country).

Hence Pravda’s comparison between Boers and Palestinians, harking back to nineteenth-century imperialism – itself partly driven by London Jewish banking interests such as those of the Rothschilds – has a flavour of history repeating itself. The 20th-century tragedy of the Russian nation who lost tens of millions of people in Stalin’s purges, may be traced back to Jewish migration from the Pale of Settlement to St. Petersburg and Moscow where radical Jews were in the forefront of the Bolshevik revolution.

There is something like a Jewish “echo chamber”, nicely revealed by the recent comment by an American Jew, Yochanan Gordon, that if it takes Palestinian genocide to ensure “a sustainable quiet for the citizens of Israel”, then so be it. Jews must fantasize among themselves about simply exterminating the 1,8 million Palestinians in the Gaza strip, thereby claiming another chunk of the Holy Land for themselves. Arguably, South African Jews are already seeing a post-Afrikaner South Africa where our people will be simply gone, either driven out or worse.

The most positive future that Jews foresee for us is “becoming Coloureds”: “White and black must make Coloured,” as Nadine Gordimer put it in an interview with the BBC. Presumably we will then all live in a kind of Gaza strip on the Cape Flats, addicted to alcohol supplied by Jewish liquor stores and drugs supplied by Jewish druglords. Rumour has it that the drug trade in DA-run Cape Town is already controlled by Jews. A Muslim politician from Cape Town once said, privately: “We are ruled by Zionists in Cape Town.” According to journalist Garth van Onselen, the liberal DA has a large number of Jewish donors who were once alarmed by an anti-Israel position taken by the party, which was promptly “corrected”.

It is an enduring source of amazement to many that a group as endogamous as Jews should always advocate multiculturalism and race-mixing for others, from Afrikaners to Swedes. As Barbara Lerner Spectre of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden famously put it:

I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

From their confident tone, you may surmise that everyone writing in the Daily Maverick is a “natural born leader”, spearheading the “huge transformaton” that we all “have to make”. While the Daily Maverick, Africa Check, Section 27 and other Jewish-dominated groups and NGOs regularly vituperate Afrikaner public figures, remaining pockets of Afrikaans at universities, as well as our politically incorrect behaviour, there is a deathly silence about South Africa’s so-called white genocide, the atrocities committed against farmers, elderly Afrikaners and children. Where Jews take cognisance of such ethnic violence at all, it is to exonerate the perpetrators thereof, minimise the statistical relevance of such murders or blame the victims by suggesting that they are mere “racists” deserving of their fate.

However, in Europe there is now a counter-current. The left-wing intellectuals who used to be enthralled with Jewish ideas, praying at the altar of Frankfurt School cultural Marxism, have become very critical of Israel. Reacting to Israel’s attacks on Palestinian civilians, the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo said: “Israeli Zionist bastards have nothing to do with the Jews [bastardi israeliani sionisti che non hanno niente a che fare con gli ebrei].”

In France, ex-Marxist thinker Alain Soral is now spearheading the critique of globalism and internationalist, multicultural Jewish ideas. He collaborates with comedian Dieudonné whose shows have on occasion been banned by the French government due to pressure from organised French Jewry.

Many French people are now openly mocking Jews, a bit like Jews in South Africa have for a long time mocked Afrikaners as “boorish, boerewors-eating, brandy-drinking, rugby-watching” idiots, to quote a phrase from a controversy some years ago. A self-confessed Jewish radical, Glen Moss, recently described rugby as “boorish, the preserve of Afrikaans-speaking apartheid-supporting racists with both spectators and players prone to violent behaviour”.

As far as I am aware, there has never been a riot by rugby spectators in South Africa or behaviour akin to “soccer hooliganism”, unlike in many other countries and unlike among South African blacks who riot all the time, including sometimes at soccer matches. According to South African History Online,

13 January 1991: At least forty soccer spectators of a friendly match between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs died and 100 were injured as they fled fighting between rival team supporters at the Oppenheimer stadium near Orkney, Western Transvaal (now North West Province).

Jews’ sense of their own genius and talent has been known for a long time. I came upon the following amazing quote by French author Céline via The New York Review of Books where Céline satirizes in a conversation between himself and another character the Jewish control of the media and the mindless promotion of Jewish artists, thinkers and politicians. Admittedly Céline was a hard-core anti-Semite whose wife has forbidden the republication of his pamphlets from the 1930s but, given the Zeitgeist of Boerehaat emanating from Daily Maverick and others, it is perhaps time, as The New York Review of Books puts it in its headline, “to uncover Céline”:

“Ferdinand, you have become quite the fanatic, thus you are always chattering on, but I’m warning you and I’m putting you on your guard, that the Jews are very intelligent…they are the ones in France who read the books, who gather information, who man the information pipeline, they are armed with knowledge , and occupy all of the high positions, all of the rackets are in their hands, they know how to make themselves popular, in addition they do good, to the little people, the forty hour week, that’s their security…and then there’s the vacations… You are going to get yourself put into prison… You are going to wind up getting cut to pieces, beyond doubt…”

“Intelligent, how?…” I retaliated. “They are racist, they have all the money, they have seized all the levers of control, they have latched unto all the positions of command… Is that how they’re intelligent?… There’s nothing of brilliance to that!… They do stay on track admirably, as they eliminate, dissuade, pursue, and hound down, all of those who might rival them, or cause them the least little bit of umbrage… It’s their crusade against us, a crusade unto the death… That’s the stuff of their intelligence!… All of the interesting jobs, they’ve put into their pockets…monopolizing, they expel outright or with little ado anyone who is not properly Jewish…filthy Jewish… Judaized… pro-Jewbie…ass-reamed Jewish… This is the great technique of the cuckoo… To put it bluntly, in order to cast a better light on things, if Einstein weren’t Jewish, if Bergson weren’t circumcised, if Proust had been only a Breton, if Freud didn’t bear the mark, people wouldn’t be saying very much about any one of them…these are not at all amongst those geniuses who will have brought enlightenment unto the world!… I can bloody well guarantee that… The least little fart by a Jew is called a boom! one of the admirable discoveries of our age my friend, instantaneously! through the automatic effect of the world Jewish apparatus…millions of little bells go off… That pathetic fart is raised up like some sort of miracle! and at top speed!… It is due to that that the painting of Cézanne, Modi, Picasso and all the others…the films of Monsieur Benhur, the music of Tartinowsky all suddenly become a big deal…An enormous favorable pre-judgment, world-wide, precedes and forms the prelude for every Jewish intention… The Jews, all of the critics in the universe, all of the artistic circles…all of the news media!… All of the world’s Jewish agencies set about spitting forth claps of Thunder, to the very least murmur, the very least quiver of Hymie creativity…and the Jewish supremacist publicity in the spoken media provides an admirable echo… Every trumpet sounds from one end of every continent to the other, heralding, intoning, resounding, buzzing with the marvelous Hosanna! to the sublime messenger from Heaven! Yet another incomparable Jew at the palette! on the screen! at the violin! in politics! infinitely more brilliant! without contest more renovating, than all of the geniuses of the past (and all Aryans of course). The grotesque goyim are quickly caught-up into a whirlwind of epilepsy, they rejoice as a choir of cuckolds, they violently join into the chorus, with all the force of their stupidity, and they have themselves completely consumed within! …it’s the triumph of a new Jewish idol!… In order to pack them in, it is enough to offer them a little more Jewish shit in which to wallow… They are no longer particular…They have lost all of their instinct… They don’t know the difference between the living and the dead…the ‘organic’ and the diffuse, a cardboard box and the pure juice, the bladder rather than the lantern, the false and the authentic… They no longer know at all… They have sucked up far too much garbage over too many centuries and epochs, to wind up with anything of authenticity… They would rather treat themselves to falsifications… They mistake bleach for spring water…and they find it most preferable! infinitely superior. They are geared towards the counterfeit. By consequence, of course, misfortune, shit! for the indigenous person who through some sort of original gift, some little bit of music all his own…one little whispers attempt! he immediately becomes hateful, suspect, perfectly shameful to his racial brethren. It’s the law in a conquered country that nothing must ever be allowed to disturb the torpor of the enslaved masses… Everyone must fall back down as soon as possible…into the ruminations of drunkards… It is they, the racial brethren, who are most strictly charged methodically to obstruct, to denigrate, and to stifle. No sooner does one of the indigenous people arouse himself…than the others of the same race rise up against him, with lynching being not far off… In penal colonies, the dirtiest deeds are performed by the convicts themselves…amongst themselves, a thousand times as cruel as the most atrocious slave galley…

The New York Times Book Review provides a link in a footnote to Trifles for a massacre by Céline where I got this quotation from.

Among the many delights of Afrikaans culture is the fact that it is truly indigenous and free of political correctness. For a long time we have enjoyed a truly astonishing degree of freedom of speech in Afrikaans. That is, until recently, when Adriaan Basson took control of the Beeld newspaper in Johannesburg. Is it any coincidence that there are apparently now “lecturing sessions” to the Beeld journalists by Anton Harber, founder of the Weekly Mail? Basson is on a crusade against “Nazism” and “anti-Semitism” at the rural University of Potchefstroom which in more than a century has never known such a campaign.

Besides a small number of so-called Boerejode, Jews in South Africa have never taken an interest in Afrikaans and considered the language beneath them. The reference for most Jews is America, beaming out to them from across the Atlantic. When Jews talk about “history”, they automatically refer to American history, especially over the last century since they have been so intimately connected with that country. The “sixties” means “sixties America” and have nothing to do with us. Their authors are mostly American (Jewish) authors, feminists, anti-racists, and the like.

Reviewing Poplak’s outobiography, another Johannesburg Jew, David Dyzenhaus, writes:

Like Poplak, I am a former South African and a Jew from Johannesburg. However, I was born in 1957 and grew up with a rather heightened awareness of the politics of apartheid. My mother was what would be called today a human rights activist. My father, who had survived the Warsaw ghetto and the destruction of Warsaw, had no tolerance for nationalism of any kind, whether that of the Afrikaners or of the black liberation movements.

Both Poplak and Dyzenhaus now live in Canada, not being able to stomach life out here in our “transformed” utopia. Why on earth does Poplak take an interest in what happens in a women’s residence at the University of Pretoria? Except that in some sense he knows that those students represent the “target population”?

Apart from the times when they may “trash” or vilify us, Afrikaners do not really exist for Johannesburg’s all-conquering Jews. We are more or less part of the local fauna, like Impala grazing in the Kruger National Park and that you gaze at from afar through a pair of binoculars.

The upshot of Jewish disdain has been that Afrikaans has been largely and blissfully free of Jewish influence, “authentic” and not false, as Céline would say. However, suddenly over the last few months, more and more Jewish “commentators” are now being published in the Afrikaans newspapers in translation. We are now being told what to think, how to behave if we have any desire to “fit into” the South Africa busily being socially engineered by Jews according to their American model. What Richard Poplak is saying is essentially the same as the “huge transformation” Barbara Lerner Spectre has in mind for Swedes and Europeans. We have to become “a properly reconciled country”, which I suppose means that we have to accept the dominance of Jews and their coterie of quasi-communist, radicalized, politically correct blacks reciting Karl Marx (or Andrea Dworkin) to us. Every Zulu chief in South Africa has now become a feminist to boot, soon to be spotted at the Cape Town Gay Pride.

Those two Afrikaans girls at Tukkies have now been expelled from their residence. The Jews and their lackeys have been lenient this time. Soon we might be treated to more Soviet punishments for our lack of ideological purity. But now those two hapless students will have to find other accommodation, in regularly burgled flats in Hatfield, near the university. I live in Pretoria and speak to students, so I know. They will also suffer the sexual taunts of the indolent black youths who lurk around the university campus and make it a point of reminding all young white girls that they have now been “liberated” into sexual relations with whites, sometimes of the forced kind called rape. This is what the Jewish genii of the Daily Maverick call “our non-racial, non-sexist South Africa”.

All of that is “common cause” as they say in the law courts. What concerns me is the future. Whatever we may think of Palestinians or Muslims generally – although South African Muslims have always behaved in an exemplary way – the lack of respect for non-Jewish life displayed by Israel, readily acclaimed by Johannesburg Jews, does not portend well for us here. Come to the think of it, Jewish terrorists like Joe Slovo or Ronnie Kasrils displayed a similar contempt for the lives of our civilians – black and white – when they were using car bombs in our streets or bombs in supermarkets or restaurants to “persuade” us of the well-foundedness of their Marxist doctrine.

Pravda’s analogy between Boers and Palestinians may still prove to be prophetic.

Johan de Wet is a businessman from Pretoria