New app to avoid black areas

Two enterprising white entrepreneurs just made yet another app for avoiding non-white areas of your town, and it’s really taking off!

SketchFactor is here, an app made for avoiding “sketchy” neighborhoods, which is the term young white people use to describe places where they don’t feel safe.

The app is the brainchild of co-founders Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington, is a Manhattan-based navigation app that crowdsources user experiences along with publicly available data to rate the relative “sketchiness” of certain areas in major cities.

The app will launch on the iTunes on Friday, capping off a big week for the startup, which was named as a finalist in the NYC BigApps competition.

According to Ms. McGuire, a Los Angeles native who lives in the West Village, the impetus behind SketchFactor was her experience as a young woman navigating the streets of Washington, D.C., where she worked at a nonprofit.

After meeting Mr. Herrington, an electrical engineer who was taken with the SketchFactor idea, the two quit their Washington D.C.-based jobs and decamped to New York City with funding from family and friends.

As one of the finalists in the BigApps competition, SketchFactor is poised to receive more attention when it launches.

  • Henrietta

    When I saw the heading, I thought this was an invention by an Afrikaner – never thought the day would come that white Americans would feel unsafe in their own country!

    • Pointing out dangerous areas in SA does not require an app.


      America is clearly on the same path as South-Africa where your skin colour is more important than your competence. America is housing thousands of illegal aliens which will, just like Zimbabweans in South Africa, ruin their economy and take over their social structure and composition. Watch this space!

  • Piet Bylevloek

    In the case of SA,one should just avoid the country like a plague.