‘Sex with a white woman is nicer’, then he rapes her

As part of South Africa’s ongoing spate of black-on-white violence, a Pretoria court heard yesterday how a black house robber told a white Afrikaner woman: “You’re a rich, white bitch. Sex is nicer with a white woman.” Then he proceeded to rape her.

The 37-year old white Afrikaner woman from Cullinan was testifying before the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria Division, yesterday about an attack on her home by Progress Shoko, 28, and Howard Sekani, 31 that took place three years ago.

She was able to identify Shoko as the man who had raped her from a scar on his lip. However, after stating that in court she broke down and cried that none of the accused should be allowed near her. A court policeman then brought the accused before Judge Tshifiwa Maumela to have a closer look at his scar.

Half-way through her testimony, the victim again broke down and the court had to adjourn. Until the adjournment the court had that on the fateful evening she and her two teenage daughters, as well as three younger children, had just got home when a gang of five black men jumped over the wall and smashed their way into the house. She and her children were tied up and seriously assaulted.

Both Shoko and Sekani punched and kicked the helplessly tied-up family, demanding money. Sekani waved a gun at them and proceeded to punch her eldest daughter. Then Shoko took her to her bedroom where he raped her.

After the attack and rape, the two black black men, who are related and have immigrated from Zimbabwe under the South African government’s open-border policy with that country, took over R62 000’s ($6000) worth of goods from the house.

Even though whites constitute only 8% of South Africa’s population, half of all victims of house robberies and armed attacks on homes are white.

Experts are divided over the sadistic behaviour of black South African men. Dr. P.H. du Preez, a psychologist and anthropologist from Pretoria, says that “it is part upbringing, part cultural”. Black children spend the first years of their lives in constant contact with the mother, after which they are more or less “abandoned” and brought up by the extended family, usually the grandparents.

“Unlike white children, black children are never weaned,” says Du Preez. “The sudden change from total care and love to none fixes the individual within the anal-sadistic stage of personality development for the rest of his life. That explains the widespread sadistic behaviour that we encounter these days in South Africa, now that most state control has been abolished. Also, within black culture and languages, there are classes of nouns for humans, animals and things. Whites are classed as things therefore they are not human. By implication you could kill and hurt them as you like.”

Du Preez is also concerned about the entitlement culture among South African blacks. “Affirmative action, black economic empowerment and the notion that blacks are entitled to share in the property and assets of white people combine with sadism to feed black-on-white violence and terror.”

A former minister of safety and security, Charles Nqakula, said in the South African parliament that if whites did not like the violence, they should leave the country.  “South Africans who complain about the country’s crime rate, should stop whining and leave the country,” he stated.

After his stint as minister of safety and security, Nqakula was made the South African ambassador or high commisioner to Mozambique.