Independent Scotland would ditch the Queen

Some 63 per cent of voters called for a ballot on Scotland’s next head of state in the event of separation, with only 22 per cent saying the royals should be retained without question.

Scottish independence could lead to Scotland ditching the royal family and becoming a republic, according to constitutional experts.

Although the SNP has said that it wants the Queen as head of state, independence could lead to divided loyalties for the sovereign, experts said.

Stephen Haseler, director of the Global Policy Institute in London, said: “Alex Salmond has overcome the issue of the monarchy initially by saying ‘Look, we will keep the Queen’, but of course the Queen won’t be around for very long, and my absolute conviction is that once the Queen goes the Scots won’t wear Prince Charles, and they will go for a republican system within the European Union.”

The movement contains many republicans, particularly in the Scottish Green party and among the Scottish Socialists.

This majority view is shared by people who are intending to vote against independence, as well as by supporters of all political parties.

Although many voters would support the monarchy in any such referendum, the very fact that Scots clearly want a say on the issue will be deeply worrying for Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Family has been enjoying a surge in popularity recently, thanks to the public affection for the baby, George.

However, our poll shows that repeated demands for an independent Scotland to become a republic have obviously shaken confidence in the Windsors north of the Border.

First Minister Alex Salmond has insisted the Queen and her successors would automatically remain as heads of state if Scots vote for independence next year.

However, influential figures within both the SNP and the Yes Scotland campaign are in favour of holding another referendum on retaining the monarchy.

Yes Scotland chairman Dennis Canavan welcomed our shock poll results, which support his personal view.

He said: “I am pleased to see such widespread support for the sovereignty of the people. This poll shows that the majority of people agree with my earlier suggestion that the people should decide whether the monarchy should be retained.

“It is also very significant that my proposal has cross-party support, with a clear majority amongst Labour, SNP, Tory and Lib Dem voters.

“Some of the party politicians seem to be out of touch with their own voters on this issue and trivialise the debate by mouthing sycophantic platitudes about the Queen.

“The present monarch may be popular but any would-be successor should not simply inherit the job of head of state without some form of democratic vote.

“The sovereignty of the people is far more important than the sovereignty of any monarch and a hereditary head of state should have no place in a modern society based on democratic principles such as equal opportunities.”

The strongest support for a referendum on the monarchy comes from Labour voters – 72 per cent – and those who did not vote in the last Holyrood elections – 88 per cent.

The party’s spokesman for constitutional affairs, Drew Smith MSP, said: “Talk of further referendums should come after the Scottish people have had their say on independence.”

Source: The Express