Afrikaners are a lost cause, Dan Roodt

By English-speaking Patriot

Dear Dan Roodt, congratulations on your letter about apartheid in Business Day and here on And did you see the knee jerk reaction from the liberals, the Afrikaans jingoes and the “others” in Business Day? Always guaranteed to defend the shambles, as you put it. I’ll never understand these people. They go against nature!

As far as Woolworths is concerned, I have boycotted them entirely. But others haven’t. The wording of their advertised “explanation” was ambiguous, so their actual racist advertisements need to be circulated so that everyone can see just what they are doing.

 MultiChoice did the same thing – gave shares only to blacks. Yet most of MultiChoice customers are white. Nobody said a word.

 I can tell you that all universities, all government departments, all municipalities and most private job advertising refer to “Employment Equity” and the other euphemisms they use to discriminate. People whine about this to the newspapers, but that’s as far as it goes. There will always be whites who will do the catering for these morons when they gorge themselves at their “conferences”, there will always be whites who will set up the sound system for their ridiculous rallies, there will always be whites who will provide the flowers for their funerals, and there will always be whites who, as you say, keep the whole show on the road. And look at the farmers! Do you think they will ever stand together and hold back the food for just one week? Not on your life!

 It is difficult to get the whites to do anything. Especially Afrikaners, they simply sit back and suffer so very politely. They don’t want to be  omstrede. They will die from ordentlikheid! They watch the department stores remove Afrikaans signs from within their stores, and they do nothing. Frankly, my feeling is they deserve what they get. Fancy buying the Beeld every day, the biggest piece of twisted and traitorous journalism I’ve ever seen in my life! And they’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.  They are giving soup to squatters and illegals, and their churches have made them so “lam” that it is a world phenomenon!

 These third-world cretins are laughing all the way to the bank. There is no unity  within Afrikanerdom, and if there are three together, one is a traitor. You’ve only got to look at the Boeremag trial. Without the Afrikaans informers, there would never have been a Boeremag. Yet these traitors walk around without a care in the world, getting their traitorous salaries from the ANC who are destroying their own Afrikaans people!

 In Ireland they would have had their knees capped. And what do the Palestinians do with their traitors?

 No Dan Roodt, they are a lost cause. There is no spirit, no sense of an eye for an eye, and they are awash with “it’s God’s will” and other such nonsense. They are living martyrs, no different from those who were thrust into the Colosseum in ancient Rome, ready to die for their “faith” and ending up as bones in the catacombs.

 It makes me sick to my stomach!