WHO pandemic business plan states goal is to vaccinate world’s population

A WHO business plan to increase the supply of pandemic vaccines says the goal is to produce enough pandemic vaccine to inject 6.7 billion people – or the world’s entire population.

The WHO documents says the capacity to produce pandemic vaccines with adjuvants would reach 6.2 billion doses in 2010.

“This business plan evaluates the short to medium-term (2007–2017) options available to pursue the Global pandemic influenza action plan to increase vaccine supply (GAP) goal of developing enough pandemic vaccine to immunize the world’s population (6.7 billion people).”

Meanwhile a video showing the bodies of ebola victims dumped in the source of a river by the Liberian government, currently partnering with WHO, has fueled fears that Ebola is being spread through rivers.

Locals describe how the wetlands where the bodies of at least 45 ebola victims were dumped is the source of a major river located northwest of a city. Householders close by express fears that their well could be contaminated with Ebola.

The government of Sierra Leone said in a press release on August 6th, that it had overturned a WHO plan to build Ebola treatment centers in built up areas. Treatment centers are to be relocated to communities away from where people dwell or reside,” says the press release. An Ebola center already under construction is to be moved.