Mines getting nervous as the revolution gains momentum

By Mike Smith

Bobby Godsell, the former Anglo American boss, Eskom boss and friend of Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC’s chief negotiator at Codesa, said that the deaths at the Marikana mine was “outrageous”.

“In an apartheid South Africa with no (democratic) constitution you can say that violence was regrettable and understandable,” he said during a discussion at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg the other day.

“In a constitutional democracy, (violence) is not understandable. It is completely outrageous.

“People must be held accountable for those murders.”

Funny how Bobby Godsell seems to be concerned about 34 black miners, yet he has never spoken out against farm murders. More than 3 000 white farmers murdered since his beloved ANC took over in 1994… to date not a single word by Bobby Godsell.

Bobby Godsell says Marikana violence ‘outrageous’

He ain’t seen nothing yet. The situation at Marikana is far from over. A few days ago they marched to the Andrew Saffy Memorial Hospital and had another standoff with the police and another dead body (hacked to death with pangas) was found.

Yesterday morning at the Goldfields KTC West mines at Driefontein near Carletonville, Julias Malema said, “The mines are paying millions of rands of protection money into Jacob Zuma’s trust accounts.”

He called for a national strike, five days every month, and to make the mines “ungovernable” through peaceful means until their R12 500 wage demand was met.

Malema also confirmed that he was “under heavy police investigation” because he was accused of having instigated the violence at Marikana’s Lonmin mine.

Eight days ago the media announced with great fanfare that Malema’s arrest was imminent.

At the time there was not a single newspaper in the country that did not run with this nonsense. Look now. Nothing happened to Malema. He was not arrested and he is still visiting mine after mine fomenting his hatred towards whites and inciting violence and revolution in South Africa and the ANC lets him be.

Like I have always said, Malema says the things the ANC cannot say openly. His so-called banning from the ANC was just a scam. He is still their loyal agent and lapdog, carrying out the true agenda.

AT other mines, miners are also downing tools. More than 200 mine workers at Golfview Colliery near Ermelo have downed tools following a breakdown of wage negotiations with management.

Zwelenzima Vavi of Cosatu said before Marikana he spoke of South Africa sitting on a ticking time bomb, but now we should be speaking of exploding bombs.

Vavi said superstitions and elements of backwardness on the part of workers also needed to be addressed. He obviously referred to the Sangoma “Nzabe” who promised the miners to be bullet-proof after taking his Muti and the miners blaming their slaughter on a rabbit they killed earlier in the day.

Just like the rest of us, Vavi is also waiting for the report of the judicial enquiry. If it come out that the police indeed shot miners in the back, hunted them down and drove over them, I am afraid nothing will be able to stop the revolution.

To Communists there can be no revolution without extreme violence. They believe brutal violence is the midwife of revolution…

Don’t take my word for it, but South Africa is in for a rough ride in the next few months…all we need on top of the current explosive situation is for Nelson Mandela to croak and it will be the catalyst to disaster.