Zulu band unfazed by ‘racism’

Hip-hop group AmaCde yesterday said a complaint against one of its songs will give “African employees who experience abuse, mistreatment and exploitation at the hands of Indian employers a chance to make submissions” to the SA Human Rights Commission.

“We remain convinced that the song does not constitute hate speech and we hope that those who tasked the commission to probe the song are indigenous Zulu people as only they [would] be able to understand the Zulu idioms in the verses,” the Durban group said.

“The complainant alleges that the lyrics of the song are derogatory and incite hatred [of] Indians,” said Human Rights Commission spokesman Isaac Mangena. “The matter is being assessed by the commission with a view to investigating it.”

The group’s song Umhlab’ Uzobuya (The Land Will Return) has caused widespread anger. Its lyrics call for Indians to “go back across the ocean” or face “action”.

The song’s second verse describes a black man’s unhappiness at his ill-treatment at the hands of his employer, referred to as “Naicker”.

The song was released on social media and has become increasingly popular since the outcry over it broke.

The ANC has distanced itself from the group.

Source: timeslive.co.za