S. African blacks attack and rob injured white at accident scene

A businessman from Krugersdorp witnessed the scene, akin to something from a horror movie.

The victim of a serious motorcycle accident, a 20-year old white man, was robbed and dragged by his broken arm by a black mob at the scene of the accident.

Quinton Wagner, whose father was shot dead in front of him earlier this year by black house robbers, is now fighting for his life in the Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, according to the Johannesburg daily Beeld.

He was hit from behind by a pickup truck on his motorcycle in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg.

About 20 black bystanders from a nearby minibus taxi rank fell upon Wagner, manhandled him and dragged hom five metres from the accident scene into the bushes.

Since being admitted to hospital on Friday, he has undergone three operations. Hy is unable to breathe by himself and is dependent upon a breathing machine. He also has blood in his lungs, his liver has been ruptured and six of his ribs broken, as well as his right arm and collar bone. Wagner’s pancreas has been damaged and he has injuries to his legs.

A businessman from Krugersdorp witnessed the scene, akin to something from a horror movie. He said the bleeding young man’s right arm was so badly broken that the bone protruded from this shirt. The black attackers nonetheless grabbed him by that arm and dragged him into the bushes.

He was notified by a client involved in the accident. Because he was not far from the scene of the accident he and a friend went there as soon as possible. But the blacks proceeded to rob them too.

“I could not believe my eyes,” he said. “We saw how the boy was dragged by his arms. When we got out of my pickup truck the robbers fell upon us too. The robbers tore the boy’s safety helmet from his head. He was lying on his rucksack. The robbers dragged him to and fro like a rag doll. They also fought among themselves to get hold of his shoes which they stole.”

The Good Samaritan said that the robbers held him when he tried to get to the victim. His wallet and his mobile phone were taken and his client was also robbed of his phone and laptop computer.

Police vehicles with black policemen inside drove past the scene without stopping and after a long time only one pickup van arrived, after the police were called.

“The CPF (Community Policing Forum, composed of volunteers, usually whites) cordoned off the road so that the emergency helicopter could land. When the helicopter tried to land, the robbers ran towards them to rob them too. The CPF kept them away while the two police officers went to sit to one side. They would not even take down statements.”

Solomon Sibiya, a police spokesman, could not be reached on Monday. He said no-one had informed him of the incident and he could not comment.