Alyssa Botha (13)’s killer was member of secret ANC militia, released by police

Alyssa Botha
Alyssa Botha
Alyssa Botha, shot dead by a militiaman

Earlier today PRAAG reported on its Afrikaans website about a secret ANC youth militia being trained at South African military bases and deployed in black squatter camps. This afternoon it came to late that the murder last week on 13-year old Alyssa Botha was committed by a member of the secret militia, known as the “Task Desk”.

During the investigation about a second shooting on neighbours of the Botha family in Muldersdrift today, it came to light that the two subesequently arrested subjects had been involved in the murder on Alyssa. At least one of them was a member of the “Task Desk”, trained at the Tempe military base in Bloemfontein.  He was however re-arrested as he had been released yesterday by the South African Police Service, together with four others, as reported earlier in Five suspects released in Alyssa Botha (13) murder case.

A source within the SAPS confirmed to PRAAG that two of the five suspects released yesterday committed the most recent attack on a neighbour of the Botha family that had been singled out last week. Apparently the same weapons were used, therefore police did not even bother to disarm the men.

The decision to release the suspects in the Alyssa Botha murder case, was taken by a black female officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale. She claimed yesterday that police could find “no evidence” linking the suspects to Alyssa’s murder, despite one of them having a memory card belonging to one of the Botha girls on him.

The other three suspects are Zimbabweans, leading to the suspicion that they would have fled across the border by now.

The condition of the man shot by them yesterday is still unknown. He was taken to the Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital.

Up to 93% of all homes in the Muldersdrift area have been attacked, probably as a result of militia activity. Most of the attacks have a black-on-white profile.