Sierra Leone: China to send ebola mobile lab

Mr. Xu Zhou, spokesman of the Chinese Embassy announced in Freetown on Monday, 15th September that China will send a China Center for Disease Control (CDC) medical expert team comprising of 59 personnel and a mobile laboratory to Sierra Leone on Wednesday, 17th September by chartered airplanes to strengthen Sierra Leone’s endeavour to contain Ebola.

He indicated that this was a decision made in consideration of the continuous spread of Ebola in the country and upon the request of the Sierra Leonean government, and it is another veritable gesture of solidarity of the Chinese government and people to the Sierra Leonean government and people.

He noted that this is the third batch of China’s humanitarian aid to support Sierra Leone in fighting against Ebola. Previously, China provided two batches of emergency medical materials valued at RMB 11 million Yuan (equally 1.8 million USD) to Sierra Leone and sent two teams of medical experts to the country.

He added that China announced on 12th September a further 200 million Yuan (equally 32.54 million USD) package of humanitarian aid including food, supplies for disease control, emergency treatment facilities and capital support to African countries and international organizations to help control Ebola. In addition, China will also promote long-term medical cooperation with African countries to help them raise their disease control and response abilities and improve public health systems.