Scotland rejects independence

Scotland has rejected independence in Friday’s referendum count, with declared local authority areas so far choosing by to stay within the U.K. by around 55%. The 307-year-strong union seems to have survived, although increased powers will be devolved to the territory.

A total of 32 local authority are being tallied up, and although the key constituency of Glasgow voted for independence, it was not by a particularly large margin, in a near-fatal blow to the Yes camp.

A final outcome is announced early Friday morning local time, but with Edinburgh voting No by a huge margin, there is little doubting victory for the Better Together campaign.

Pubs across the country were staying open throughout the night with customers both anxious and excited to see whether the 307-year-strong union would be consigned to the history books.

Greg Waddell, a doctor working in Glasgow, tells TIME that he voted Yes “because disempowerment breeds dependency; because the current extent of social inequality in Scotland demeans every one of its people.”

Source: Time