German military, Austrian drones to Ukraine on OSCE mission

German Defense Ministry sent a team of 14 German military men to Ukraine to observe, in cooperation with French experts, the use of Austrian drones in the eastern part of the country. It goes about the use of unarmed drones for intelligence purposes. The team will also analyze collected information, The Local said.

The team is a mission of OSCE observers to monitor the implementation of the cease-fire agreement.

Reconnaissance drones Luna can fly at altitudes of up to 5,000 meters for six hours non-stop. The UAVs will track the movement of troops in the south-eastern region of Ukraine and receive information on the implementation of the ceasefire agreement by the militia.

“Emphasis will be put on airborne surveillance resources,” a German military man said.

The German mission to establish facts of maintenance of truce will be located in an uncontested area near the People’s Republic of Luhansk, some 30 kilometers far from the border with Russia, for three to five days. The unarmed team will wear OSCE uniforms.

After six hours of nighttime talks on Friday in the Belarussian capital Minsk the Contact Group on Ukraine has signed a memorandum on measures to implement the ceasefire agreement, concluded in principle on September 5.

As Ukraine’s former president, Leonid Kuchma, said after the talks the memorandum implied “the termination of the use of weapons is considered comprehensive.”

Also, he said that under the document the conflicting parties’ forces should be left at their positions they were holding as at September 19, and a ban on the use of all weapons and offensive operations effected within 24 hours.

“The memorandum also requires the pullout of all weapons with a calibre of more than 100 millimeters to a distance of no less than 15 kilometres on each side,” Kuchma said.

The memorandum also imposes a ban on planting mines, flights by combat aviation and drones except for OSCE aircraft.

Meanwhile the Ukrainian military carried out an attack on a military plant in Donetsk. Smoke hangs over the 107th military factory and explosions are still heard. The locals said that there were ammunition supplies stored in the factory.

The Ukrainian forces conducted a round of shelling on Donetsk early on Saturday. The Ukrainian Army is said to be carrying out attacks from the village of Khanzhonkovo. According to several witness reports, many residential buildings were destroyed.