PRAAG fundraiser

Dear reader,

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whiteIDEven though we have kept going for almost 15 years on a shoestring, PRAAG desperately needs funds to survive and continue to fight the information silence on many critical issues, such as:

  • the continuing low-intensity war on white people and Afrikaners in South Africa;
  • the unnecessary division between North America and Europe in foreign policy, leading to a new Cold War and even the threat of nuclear war;
  • the existence of much thinking and ideas in the West formulated during the twentieth century by politicians, philosophers and commentators that offer an alternative to the suicidal political correctness of our age, including white guilt, affirmative action and the sustained attack upon any form of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and even sexual identity.

French president Charles de Gaulle (who was also of Flemish/Dutch origins, born in the North of France) said that for the West to survive, white South Africans must survive too. This is a David-and-Goliath struggle, but we are also excited by our progress so far and the growth of our local and international movement! Through our many book publications, in both paper and ebook formats, as well as local protests and petitions, we contribute to this struggle.

Only a few dollars or euros per month can keep us going. Help us to save our nation and yours!

Dr. Dan Roodt

Johannesburg, September 2014

P. S. If you any questions, contact me directly at dan[at]