White liberals become redundant as moral pillars

White liberals might have finally understood that they have become redundant as spokespeople for blacks as well as moral pillars of integration.

The white artist now branded as the ultimate racist for trying to understand “black pain”, told The Times that he was “disappointed” and “exhausted” after having being labelled a racist by the same people he pretends to defend.

Meant to be a statement on colonialism, slavery and contemporary racism, the Exhibit B installation had proved controversial since its debut at the Edinburgh Festival last month. It was branded racist by protesters, one of whom told the Evening Standard that the show “is the same as an original human zoo”.

South African artist Brett Bailey’s clichéd “anti-racism” piece Exhibit B, featuring black performers chained and in cages, had its London run cancelled last night due to “extreme protests”.

The exhibit’s run at the Barbican faced protests from the start, though organisers had backed the work. Tense scenes between protestors and security played out yesterday.

A Barbican spokesman said: “As Exhibit B was opening it became impossible for us to continue because of the extreme nature of the protest and threat to the safety of performers, audiences and staff.”

Bailey said: “The piece really speaks out against contemporary racism and its roots in the distant past. Now it’s branded as a racist work and the debate has become about freedom of speech, not addressing the work itself, which is a strong statement against racism.”