Six Tanzanians busted for heroin

Six Tanzanian nationals, five men and one woman, will be appearing in the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on 26 September in connection with a 19kg-heroin bust made by the Hawks special investigation unit in June.

The heroin was estimated to be worth R23-million and was allegedly produced in Canada before making its way to South Africa, where the suspects were arrested with the drugs in Vereeniging.

Heroin is one of the main ingredients in ‘nyaope’, a highly addictive and destructive concoction which also contains cannabis, crystal methamphetamine, and other psychoactive drugs.

Rat poison and swimming pool chlorine is sometimes added to the mix as well.

The drug is fast gaining popularity among black youths in South Africa and is a grave cause for concern to anti-drug lobbyists due its damaging nature.