Malema mulling an armed struggle

The Economic Freedom Fighters may take up arms if their “peaceful revolution” is met with violence from the state, party leader Julius Malema said on Thursday.

“We can’t rule out the possibility of an armed struggle if the state is going to meet peaceful protest with violence,” he said in a pre-recorded interview aired on SAfm radio.

“We would not do anything which seeks to compromise the 1994 breakthrough and it all depends on how the state responds to the radical demands of our people.”

He hoped the ruling party would not be tempted to adopt “apartheid tactics” when faced with serious pressure.

Malema told the radio station there was no need for a “military response” from the state, when clearly he is mulling taking up arms.

“In the Parliament, the freedom of speech and expression is unlimited. It is absolute and you need to live with that.

“All of you must begin to accept that we are exercising our rights to the limit and therefore we are not going to conduct ourselves in a manner defined by the middle class which has always hated us. It will never vote for us.”

The EFF is hoping that incitement against the “middle class”, a euphemism for whites, will lead to anarchy and revolution that would bring “hope to the working class and eliminate poverty”.

Meanwhile the EFF Commmander in Chief this week indulged in a twitter war after he was spotted wearing a black Louis Vuitton belt.

This is not the first time he’s tweaked the workers’ overall he wears to parliament with exorbitantly expensive clothing and accessories, while demanding “social justice” and “economic freedom”.

The pauper also wears a Breitling watch valued at R250 000.