Moroccan diplomat assassinated in Pretoria

A Moroccan diplomat accredited to South Africa has been reportedly killed and his lifeless body was found in a pool of blood at his home in Pretoria on Tuesday.

According to Morocco’s Embassy in South Africa, the victim, M. Noureddine Fatmi, who was in charge of consular affairs, was apparently murdered in his apartment in the district of Monument Park in Pretoria where he was living by himself but the circumstances of the assassination were not determined yet, the North Africa Post reported.

South African authorities have opened an investigation into the death of the diplomat.

Immediately after it was informed about the death of the diplomat, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs started administrative and legal procedures, in collaboration with South African authorities, to shed full light on the murder.

Crime rates are very high in South Africa which is listed in many reports and polls as “dangerous.”

More than 40 people are murdered in South Africa each day and last year South Africans reported more than 300 000 burglaries at residential and business properties, according to police data.

Maybe this is the reason that explains why M. Fatmi, a spouse and a father, preferred not to move his entire family to South Africa when he was appointed to his position in Pretoria.