Bulgarian soccer fans fly ‘Yes to racism’ banner

Bulgaria’s Levski Sofia can expect another serious sanction after further crowd disturbances by their supporters. The Ultras of the Bulgarian club again unveiled pro-racism banners during their derby against the champion Ludogorets at Georgi Asparuhov stadium last weekend.

The Blue Ultras unfurled a banner with the logo of UEFA and slogan that said ‘Say Yes To Racism’.

Levski Sofian fans with a banner stating, ‘Say Yes to Racism’
Levski Sofia fans with a banner stating, ‘Say Yes to Racism’

Racism has always been a serious problem for Bulgarian football and it is not the first time fans have brought penalties on their clubs.

It is not yet clear what action the Bulgarian Football Union will take or the scale of the penalty for Levski Sofia. In addition to a financial sanction, the club is likely to be punished with the stand closures in the Georgi Asparuhov stadium.

Levski have already played a number of games in the Bulgarian championship in front of empty stands after being punished for other infractions by their fans.

It is also unclear whether UEFA will take action against Bulgarian the club. UEFA’s message that racism, intolerance and discrimination have no place in football and must be banished from the game is not being heard in Bulgaria. – Alexander Krassimirov, insideworldfootball.com