German sanctions against Russia voted on pure speculation

A German parliamentarian, who is also chairman of the German Defense Committee and former member of the Yugoslavian OCSE, says the German government had no idea whether MH17 was actually shot down.

Alexander Neu, during an interview for Rossiya Segodnya, also spoke about Germany’s proclaimed neutrality in its involvement in Ukraine.

Neu requested a deputy’s inquest from the German government concerning the Boeing which was shot down over Ukraine on September 6.

The reply has now been released to the public.

It was clear from the reply that, firstly,  the German government had no idea whether MH17 was actually shot down. Secondly, if it had been shot down, the government couldn’t answer who the responsible party was.

The Hague published its first interim report from the Dutch Safety Board two days later and it was announced that the plane was hit by a missile, but again it was not said by whom.

The territory where the plane’s debris fell was hit by mass shelling from Kiev’s artillery, rendering it highly unlikely that any new evidence would be found.

The conversations between the pilots and the dispatchers has also still not been released.

The German media however unanimously blamed Russia and, incredibly, it was on the basis of pure speculation that sanctions were leveled against the Russian Federation, since it is now certain that the Germans had no knowledge of who might have been responsible.

Neu also wonders why crucial information is not being released from the black boxes.

Andrej Hunko, another German member of parliament, asked the OSCE in Vienna recently whether the organization had appealed to the German government for German drone support.

The OSCE replied stating that they asked neither the German nor the French government for support via drones. In fact, they wanted no military support from these countries whatsoever.

When the German Defense Minister Von der Leien was confronted with these lies at a meeting of the parliamentary defense committee, Ms. Von der Leien repeated that the OSCE had asked for support, but she would give no specifics.

In other words, von der Leien is pushing the drones, even though the OSCE had not specifically asked for them.

Germany, France and the European Union, as well as the members of NATO are a part of the conflict, supporting the Kiev regime with instructors and intelligence assistance, and are not neutral observers.

Switzerland, the chairman of the OSCE, provides drones and so does Austria, since these countries are neutral.