Apartheid better than nightmare of ANC rule

by S.J. Oosthuizen, Helderkruin

IT WAS expected there would be a rash of anti-apartheid, anti-Dan Roodt replies to his letter (Apartheid evil is hype, Business Day Letters, September 10).

Saying a few positive words about apartheid is tantamount to eschewing Mom and apple pie: the politically correct righteously rush to judgment against anyone who dares to compare what we had with what we have now.

Clearly there were defects and aberrations in a policy that was designed to separate the races. And at a time and in a world where many were unshackling themselves from the yoke of western imperialism, apartheid was an affront.

But then what was to be done? The situation was unique. Taking the United Party’s policy to its end-goal would have simply brought the African National Congress or its surrogates to power 40 years earlier.

The “qualified franchise” so beloved of the political fence-sitters would have been swept away in a wave similar to that which brought Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere to power, and look what happened to their countries. They still have not recovered.

Apartheid was abhorrent to some and brought hardship. But it gave the government of the day the breathing space to create a functioning country that eventually brought benefits to the broader population.

It’s no wonder so many prominent blacks say “it was better under apartheid”. To your correspondents who say SA is now a better place, I ask which planet are they on? Under the African National Congress (ANC) the country is a travesty. There is not one facet of life that has not been corroded by this government and its hangers-on.

Former ANC member Dave Dalling said “everything the ANC touches turns to dust”. The wholesale plundering of our country continues unabated, and there is no shame, no accountability. Narcissism permeates the ANC’s DNA — nothing is its fault.

A small taxpayer base is bled to support a big welfare state.

Farmers must repair roads to get to market, our hospitals are death traps, our parks and our cities are filthy.

Millions of aliens pay our border police to enter our country at will, our education now ranks with the lowest in the world, and schoolbooks are trashed with nary an apology.

Sewage runs down our municipalities’ main streets while councilors buy yet another big car for themselves.

Over 1-million of our citizens have fled. They didn’t believe the hogwash that it’s better now. There are scores of new crimes, there are only 200 dairy farmers left, while other farmers are regularly murdered.

We are now a net food importer. We can buy a passport, a matric certificate and even a PhD from a government employee for a bribe, and we let animals starve to death on our so-called experimental farms.

Better? They have got to be joking, these people who trash Dan Roodt. A state president with 283 charges of fraud quashed by a tame prosecutor, a mining industry being destroyed before our very eyes, our nurses and doctors raped in hospitals, our so-called leaders stealing from their own children’s feeding schemes.

No, dear correspondents, it’s not better now. It’s a real nightmare and the “international community” who told us apartheid was evil does not have to live under this calamitous ANC regime.