Peace Prize winner says Ukraine not protecting their children

Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi said that protecting Ukrainian citizens and especially children, 20 of whom died in bombings in September alone, is a direct responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities.

In an exclusive Saturday interview to RIA Novosti (Rossiya Segodnya) Satyarthi, who has been struggling against child labor for most of his life, and whose Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save Childhood Movement) organization has freed over 80,000 children from various forms of servitude, the Nobel Peace Prize winner said children should not be the victims of conflict.

Satyarthi lamented on the current plight of children in Syria and Ukraine.

“Whatever happening in Syria, Ukraine, Palestine is due to political reasons but children are bearing the brunt of these crises. It’s very painful that we have not made our place safer for the children,” he said.

He urged the world community to act against these shortcomings. “So far, we have not been able to create a world where children will be safe. They are innocent and have nothing to do with violence but often they are targets. We should not only condemn it but also act against it.”

The Peace Prize recipient said it was the responsibility of the Ukrainian government to save their citizens, particularly children.

He appealed to the Ukrainian government to ensure that such incidents against children will not occur in future.

“Safety of children should be their utmost priority,” Satyarthi said.

US authorities have pursued their own goals by creating the crisis in Ukraine, blinded by violations committed by the new Ukrainian authorities, said former Assistant to the US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration, head of the Institute of Political Economy, Paul Craig Roberts.

According to him, the Ukrainian government is a “puppet” government.

“As you know, Washington uses the atrocities that Kiev commits against Russians in Ukraine, to push Putin for action, to make Russia send troops to protect the Russian nationals and the territories.”