Italian parliamentarians form ‘Friends of Putin’

A group of “Friends of Putin” is being formed in the Italian parliament.
It was an initiative of Paolo Grimoldi, an opposition member and one of leaders of the Northern League party, the press service of the house of deputies said.

The politician has already begun collecting signatures in the parliament palace and expects hundreds of supporters among deputies and senators to give their signatures.

Putin is respected by members of various political forces, despite the chatter of parties about sanctions against Russia, which the Northern League views as open madness, Italian news agency ANSA cited the legislator as saying.

In recent years, Putin’s political weight was even more clearly seen, especially if to compare with the catastrophe of Obama’s administration and others, the Italian legislator said.

The politician called for continuing traditional cooperation between Russia and Italy.

The initiative is aimed at supporting the dialogue with the trade and economic partner. It is an important gesture against the suicide blockade that will cause damage to Italian enterprises. Russia and Italy should continue dialogue and cooperation in economy and in fight against the ISIL (Islamic State), the politician said.

A few days ago, at a press conference in TASS in Moscow, Grimoldi said about the importance of maintaining Italian-Russian ties. He arrived in Russia together with the Northern League’s delegation headed by the party’s secretary Matteo Salvini.

Local observers, commenting on Grimoldi’s initiative, said it was the first reaction to President Putin’s participation in the Asia-Europe summit in Milan.

Source: ItarTASS