Toddlers escape certain death after hijackers are chased

One of three suspected black hijackers remains on the run after the trio sped off with two toddlers still in a vehicle following a hijacking incident in Birchleigh North, Gauteng on Thursday.

Three armed men had allegedly hijacked a resident as he was leaving his home yesterday morning, Kempton Express reported.

According to an eyewitness, the resident tried to fight off the hijackers. However, he was hit on the head with a gun.

The suspects proceeded to drive off with the two toddlers, a boy (3) and a girl (4), inside the vehicle.

Community members were said to have chased after the hijackers, assaulting one of them.

“[One of the suspects] was caught on Pongolarivier Drive by the community and beaten up,” said Norkem Park police spokesperson Captain Lesibana Molokomme.

“Police then went to look for the other suspect, who was found on the run in Birchleigh North Ext 3.”

The third suspect was later spotted, and subsequently followed by officers patrolling the area.

“The suspect probably realised he had been spotted and chose to abandon the car, with the children inside and the car and the keys still in the ignition, and fled on foot. Police are still searching for him,” said Molokomme.

The victim was transported to hospital, as he had suffered an injury to the head. The children were unharmed.

A case of hijacking had been opened, while investigations continue.