Soros in a corner

Those who would gain the most from an IMF spending spree in Europe would be, you guessed it, billionaires like George Soros.

The Russian “existential war threat” is, to Soros, nothing but an excuse to end the “austerity experiment” and to return to its inebriated spending ways.

The globalist American neo-cons were hoping the Ukraine civil war would become an all out war between Russia and Ukraine, thus unleashing the “spend your way to prosperity” for Soroses of the world.

This plan seems to be failing, so Soros turned to a desperate measure, an opinion piece that does more for Vladimir Putin, than Soros imagined.

Here are the highlights from what the Open Society founder has to say about the “existential Russian threat” in a just released Op-Ed in the New York Reviews Of Books:

Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence. Neither the European leaders nor their citizens are fully aware of this challenge or know how best to deal with it. I attribute this mainly to the fact that the European Union in general and the eurozone in particular lost their way after the financial crisis of 2008.


[Europe] fails to recognize that the Russian attack on Ukraine is indirectly an attack on the European Union and its principles of governance. It ought to be evident that it is inappropriate for a country, or association of countries, at war to pursue a policy of fiscal austerity as the European Union continues to do.

More desperate still:

All available resources ought to be put to work in the war effort even if that involves running up budget deficits

And then really crying out openly for a full war:

[IMF] should provide an immediate cash injection of at least $20 billion, with a promise of more when needed. Ukraine’s partners should provide additional financing conditional on implementation of the IMF-supported program, at their own risk, in line with standard practice.