Libtards accede to literacy via Steve Hofmeyr

Operation “Burn the CD” against Steve Hofmeyr is in full swing, according to informed sources. Skoppensboer has some friends in high places. Or maybe low ones. Afrikaners are not supposed to have any connections beyond the local barman or primary-school teacher who has not yet been affirmative-actioned out of the way or worse, killed by one of our roving human-rights mentors, formerly known as “murderers”.

In South Africa, murder is more or less the national sport, but you’re not allowed to say the M-word. Or the A-word, B-word, C-word, and most other letters in the alphabet. That’s racist, you see. After all, this is a Latin alphabet, and the Romans were the first racists. So our South African libtards are pushing the idea that the “three R’s” are not for nothing R-words, to be shunned at all costs. As everyone knows, burning down a school is a profoundly emancipatory act, which Seffrikin libtards have profusely lauded.

Anyone knowing the 9-times table is a potential Nazi, as it shows a suspicious reverence for deceased white male (and Arab) mathematicians, not to mention Hitlerian engineers who gave us the Messerschmitt and the V-2.

Skoppensboer’s friends say that within the hallowed hierarchy of the National Intelligence Service, not to mention Crime Intelligence, there exist pangs of worry over the Afrikaans singer, Steve Hofmeyr. Just to clarify: there being no crime to solve in the South African libtard utopia, Crime Intelligence and most other intelligence agencies are involved in matters of state security.

As South Africa no longer has any defined borders and anyone from Africa is welcome to settle anywhere – except “white settlers” who are encouraged to leave – it’s sort of difficult to say where the state begins and ends. But state security, in addition to first-class air travel and staying in five-star hotels at taxpayer expense, is a top priority.

So what is known as “the media” have been infiltrated – one could also say, taken over – by men and women “of intelligence”. There is one thing better than censorship of the media and that is self-censorship of the media. The intelligence hacks out there get paid some perks out of the secret accounts – and still earn some kind of salary on top. “Intelligent” people moonlighting as journalists; what a brilliant idea!

After all, such libtard heroes as Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils were intimately involved with the East German Stasi where such ideas were a staple, so to speak.

But why has Special Branch become so suspicious of Steve, to the extent that every libtard rag or website has broken out into a rash of anti-Hofmeyr opprobrium, not to mention “satire”?

As satire is a uniquely Roman, as opposed to Greek, genre, it is best treated with caution, being inherently racist. But within the ranks of the South African intelligence community and its media appendage, all caution has been thrown to the winds in a spirit of: let’s fight racism with racism!

Oops, there I’ve employed the R-word again. As long as I do not sing Die Stem, which is a patriotic poem composed in Afrikaans circa 1918 by one C.J. Langenhoven and set to music by his fellow perpetrator, M.L. de Villiers in 1921, and later adopted – God forbid! – as South Africa’s national anthem.

Patriotism, as everyone knows, is the underbelly of fascism. Any ardent feelings about one’s own country, including the disappointment at seeing its rivers being polluted with human waste by Mercedes-driving, Gucci-wearing mayors, or litter next to all the roads, are cause for extreme suspicion.

Hence all the libtard obsession with Steve, who is known to have sung Die Stem in front of an audience in the “deep platteland”. There is nothing that inspires greater fear in libtard hearts and minds than the “deep platteland” where people engage in food production, church-going, heterosexual marriage and other unspeakably fascist activities. South Africa is working hard towards a Zimbabwean-style famine and the constant resistance of farmers – the ones who have not yet been tortured to death – to the five-year famine plan is seen as something of a “prime evil” to be vigorously combatted.

Operation “Burn the CD” has now been launched against Steve Hofmeyr and teams of journalists and their intelligence handlers are flying sorties against the singer in the press, TV, radio and social media. Experts in neurolinguistic programming from MI6 and the CIA are on standby to rid South Africa of the scourge of the singing Steve phenomenon.

But, oh drat! one of the unintended consequences of the operation has been to remind participants of South Africa’s long-forgotten literacy, otherwise known as “a legacy of apartheid”. Writing in the Mail & Guardian, a local libtard rag, one of the agents referred to Steve Hofmeyr’s “library”, consisting of misspelt British and American titles.

Libraries were the first casualties of South Africa’s revolution, as books contained all those undesirable, objectionable and dignity-destroying alphabetic “constructs”, impeding progress towards an egalitarian state of illiterate, ignorant bliss among the masses. So most of the books were sent away to be pulped, especially Afrikaans ones that were deemed even less politically correct.

But the mere mention of the L-word (“library”) might have rekindled memories of the R-word (“reading”) in the hapless, subjugated animals out there, enjoying their 1994, which turned out to be a lot worse than 1984.

Another article about the subversive Steve, hinted at his being “without a brain”. This was meant as a kind of threat, that government-sponsored libtard lobotomists could give him the One-flew-over-the-cuckoo’s-nest treatment.

So the carefully planned “information campaign” is off to a bad start, with most agents falling back onto heated invective, calling the enemy the R-word (“racist”), shouting phrases like “jou me se P-word” and similar Capetonian refinements.