Palestine to apply for full-fledged UN membership

Palestine plans to submit an application in 2015 to obtain a status of a full-fledged UN member and expects that by late November the UN Security Council will vote on the resolution on the time framework for ending the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian UN envoy said on Wednesday.

Palestine is not planning to wait until next year when one third of the UN Security Council will be renewed and Australia, Argentina, Luxemburg, South Korea and Rwanda will be replaced by Angola, Venezuela, Spain, Malaysia and New Zealand.

“We welcome the new members of the Council, but we have a new agenda for them which will be topical since January 1,” a diplomat said. “The first thing we are preparing is to submit our application to get a full-fledged membership [in the UN].”

Palestine got a status of a non-member observer state at the United Nations in late November 2012. It needs to receive a recommendation from the UN Security Council to get a full-fledged membership in the organization.

A total of 135 member states of the United Nations have recognized the State of Palestine by late October.

Palestine was officially recognized as a sovereign state by the Soviet Union in November 1988.