Member of European parliament urges recognition of DPR

The MP of the 7th session from the party Forza Italia, Fabrizio Berto announced in the conversation with journalists that the international community has to take the results of elections in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) seriously and recognize the state forthwith.

As Fabrizio Berto explains:

I have a big work experience in a quality of observer. First of all, I observed that the organization of the process correspond European standards. I saw that people were happy to go to the elections. They were to wait for a long time in queues to enter the cabin to give the vote. And this fact is a confirmation of their ability to create their destiny themselves. I think that it wouldn’t be so in Italy.

He pointed out that the results of these elections reflect aspiration of people whom were seen by international observers at the electoral constituencies. The representative of the European Parliament stressed the common values of Europe:

We were also on the Saur-Tomb and saw military conditions, in which people live. I would like to say that both Ukrainians and Russian, inhabitants of the European Union have to have one common value, it is human life.