Court grants Steve Hofmeyr protection against Missing campaign

An interim protection order was granted on Wednesday to popular Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr against Conrad Koch, after Koch launched a massive libelous campaign against Hofmeyr.

Koch, in his anxious efforts to damage Hofmeyr’s reputation, also inter alia stated in a tweet that Afrikaner women and children had deserved their slaughter in concentration camps.

Koch thus reiterated the stance of an academic from the University of Cape Town, Elizabeth van Heyningen claiming the Boer women and children died not because of a deliberate lack of food and shelter, but because of their “backwardness”, “low intelligence” and “poor hygiene”.

Koch’s utterances come in the wake of worries that murders on white Afrikaner farmers show clear signs of a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign.

Koch wrote a column in The Times last week, backing it up with hundreds of tweets calling on Hofmeyr’s sponsors to drop the “racist” after Hofmeyr reminded Koch that some black people actually also supported apartheid.

The Times and its editor Reuben Goldberg, have stood by Koch, saying that Hofmeyr is “scared of a puppet”.  Koch is a ventriloquist manqué that sometimes uses a puppet “Chester Missing” for his scurrilous attacks.

The concerted campaign to defame Hofmeyr and Afrikaners in general, is also ironically supported by the apartheid media monopoly, Naspers, pandering to ANC sycophants and race baiters.

Hofmeyr is the most popular singer in South Africa, adored by both white and black.