The white musician’s burden

It has become part and parcel in South Africa today for various opinion makers, entertainers and activists to take to political hectoring and vilifying of their fellow entertainers.

Since last week, various commentators and activists have come out strongly against Afrikaans singer and activist Steve Hofmeyr, who has been a thorn in their side for a while now for a variety of reasons.

Firstly he took a clear stance in favour of his people, stating how they are being killed off in droves while the major news sources, such as Naspers and its sister network Netwerk24 prefer to turn a blind eye.

After that he threatened to include the incendiary “K-“ word in one of his songs, followed by him singing “Die Stem”, the original South African anthem, which by the way nowhere refers to white supremacy or black inferiority at all, but pays homage to the natural splendour of South Africa.

Last but not least, he tweeted that black people themselves were behind the shaping of apartheid, and that was the last straw.

Hofmeyr has transgressed every petty taboo that the communist-based ANC has laid down, and now it’s payback time. From the house of Naspers – South Africa’s Pravda – came a vitriolic attack from a certain liberal retard named Virginia Keppler whose emotional outburst was only overshadowed by her complete ignorance of South Africa’s past, and one wonders if she actually had lived over there back then. To add insult to injury, the turncoat Afrikaner editor Adriaan Basson did not even correct her on these obvious fallacies as is wont of a respectable editor. Instead he chose to disable the comment section, perhaps realising all too well that Keppler’s pathetic outburst would be an object of ridicule, elevating Beeld’s status as a purveyor of mendacity even further.

It is doubtful whether the medieval Inquisition would have stooped to this level of idiocy. At least the Inquisition – in spite of their primitive techniques – consisted of trained scholars who abided by the principle of Res Ipsa Loquitur, or let the facts speak for themselves. (Not many people nowadays realise that the burning of witches and hanging of heretics were in the vast majority of cases legal sentences passed in secular courts and not sovereign acts committed by the Inquisitors.)

In the “progressive” Rainbow Nation called South Africa the opposite tendency holds true. People are criminalised for speaking the truth. In the case of Hofmeyr’s tweet regarding blacks being behind apartheid, the various Bantu tribes strove for a patch of land for themselves, especially after a major tribal onslaught – the Difaqane – orchestrated by King Shaka and Mzilikazi killed up to three million blacks. This occurrence is historically documented, yet a heresy at the same time. The aftershock of this assault could be taken as a first step in the direction of Verwoerd’s grand apartheid plan. Need we also not forget that after the Union of South Africa in 1910, the Sotho, Swazi and Tswana tribes intentionally distanced themselves from the Union and demanded their own independent states.

On 23 January 1962, after Verwoerd had declared the homeland Transkei independent, he stated (translated from Afrikaans): “There are Bantu leaders with whom we have spoken who clearly stated that they are just as much in favour of keeping their own identity as we are. Maintaining their national ideals, their culture, their heritage are dear to them and they realise that this could only be achieved if they are granted independent suffrage and rights separately from the other groups.”

In other words, Hofmeyr wasn’t far off the mark, if at all.

During the dark years of white rule, Africans freely roamed through the streets of Johannesburg. Virginia Keppler’s unfaithful reporting that blacks weren’t allowed on the sidewalks has backfired on her. Shall we not forget the fierce propaganda war that the Western presses waged against South Africa, including the staged filming of “dead black people” scattered on the lawns of Joubert Park in downtown Johannesburg with “whites in the background nonchalantly walking by”? If one were to pass Joubert Park or any stretch of greenery in Johannesburg today, those “bodies” could still be seen basking in the African sun, only to get up and leave when something else has crossed their minds.

Not to mention how the Western presstitutes published damning pictures of black mine workers “chained to the rock face”, while in reality a safety harness on a treacherous slope is not such a bad idea.

Whereas South Africa’s feigned Mandela miracle was exported to the rest of the world, the culture of deceitful journalism was imported. It has become firmly ensconced in South African life, but instead of being the opium of the masses as the ruling elite had hoped for, it has become its laughing stock. It is unimaginable that someone would pay R99 (approximately US$9) per month to absorb slanted views written by their army of opinion makers whose intellectual courtesy emanates from their hatred of the language they were raised in. In fact, these opinion makers have only succeeded at one thing, and that is to fill the comments section with laughter and mockery from the disillusioned masses.

That is why Hofmeyr is their latest scapegoat. He is pointing the needle at their over-inflated balloon. Instead of trying to approach Hofmeyr with an honest debate regarding his views, mendacious columnists and comedians such as ventriloquist Conrad Koch are roped in to do the job, relying on their status as satirists to crucify him without further ado. After all, who needs cold intellectual talk if you could have a carnival of cant instead?

Remaining on the fringes is thus Hofmeyr’s fate, along with many followers who cannot stand the brokenness any longer. Whoever is tired of being swayed will themselves return to the path of principles and character, their integrity growing stronger.

To quote Rudyard Kipling:

Take up the White Man’s burden, No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper, The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter, The roads ye shall not tread,
Go mark them with your living, And mark them with your dead.

  • Guest

    Consider some of what Media24 editors expect their audience to believe, at one and the same time. The Party Line involves large volumes of doublethink and memory suppression and the Internet is not helping. But notwithstanding the monolith blindly staggers on:

    Whites, now being killed at an alarming rate, escaped a bloodbath in 1994. Before 1994 nobody even thought of locking their doors.

    Race relations are greatly improved by reporting horrific crimes inflicted by non-racial persons with absolutely no motives whatsoever apart from wanting to make perhaps one cellphone call from another phone.

    Race relations are also greatly improved by songs like Kill a White/Boer at Black Only public gatherings.

    Minorities need no protection whatsovever, only in the United States where they are black, from Africa and underrepresented as well as everywhere else.

    That the best way to prevent politicians from looting the country is to completely ignore the reason they do so.

    That the only way to transcend black political failures is to appoint the same bunch of people who guarantee black political failures.

    That an election that excludes all minorities and is based solely on race – even after Apartheid – is perfectly normal.

    That the shoot-down of MH17 is an enormously important story for BRICS, South Africa and the world, until it suddenly isn’t.

    That Putin, who is beyond determined to re-establish his Empire, forgot to grab Georgia in 2008 where white South African farmers now hide from a genocide that is not happening.

    They somehow never notice that NATO is getting closer to Russia and not the other way around.

    That the fact that Afrikaners – who never owned mining concerns, industry and manufacturing – collectively owe blacks everything they currently own – mostly land – for exploiting their labour in mining concerns, industry and manufacturing.

    That all those swastikas and neo-nazi references in Ukraine are completely different from what students allegedly do at Potchefstroom, except it’s worse in Potchefstroom.

    All Afrikaners deserve to be killed by blacks except Riana Scheepers’ elderly parents because they voted DA.

    That self-determination is perfectly acceptable in Kosovo but absolutely unacceptable in Crimea, Palestine, South Africa.

    • FR2P

      May I add another glaring one: Die Stem has been part of SA’s national anthem for 20 years. It is now strictly forbidden to sing Die Stem which is currently part of the national anthem. Death threats will be issued to those who dare. The media monopoly as well as the public broadcaster fully support these threats.

      • Guest

        …while heartily singing Die Stem. Thanks, I forgot this one

    • Rooikop

      “independent countries ruled by Britain” – There you hit the nail on the head.

  • FR2P

    The white musician is not the only one under attack, Check out BRICS

  • Albert Brenner


  • Johann Theron

    Praag is indispensable for Afrikaners and everybody knows it. Thank you for a great article where I could re-imagine myself. But I would like to pose an important question which is to ask under what conditions moral or otherwise, should we leave SA for greener pastures. While we speak straight, let’s do so because liberal’s fear one thing more than blacks, and that is to be left alone with them.