Reply to Rebecca Davis, the Anglo-supremacist genius

Ms. Davis, or perhaps I should address you as “Your Majesty”, given that you have already assured us of your elect status as a member of the planetary cognitive elite by modestly stating on Twitter:

roodt_fbfotoIn your column, you neglected to mention a few things, such as the fact that the Daily Show falsely represented themselves to me as a serious political talk show and that they actually cut the interview and the questions up in such a manner that where I replied “Yes” to a question they would insert a “No” from another part and vice versa.

This is clearly the work of people of extremely high intelligence, real prodigies such as Ms. Davis or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Judit Polgár, the Hungarian girl who became a chess grandmaster at the tender age of 15 and is reputed to have an IQ of 170.

So if I had to interview Ms. Davis and ask her: Do you agree that all 3 million remaining Afrikaners should be herded into concentration camps and exterminated en masse and she replied “No”, I would just pause, ask her to keep her head still and proceed to the next question:

“Have you been to the beach at least once in your lifetime?” To which she would probably reply, “Yes”.

So then we just edit the video, copy or cut the “Yes” from the innocuous question and insert it as the answer after question number one.

Et voilà, another racist, fanatical genocidaire has been created! Sound the applause. Pipe in the laughter and ridicule.

Given that the New York-based Daily Show has such contempt for the Third World dump that is South Africa, pullulating with low-life and especially low-IQ, dumb, retarded Afrikaners who only got introduced to the written word by Nelson Mandela in 1994, it’s more or less QED, quod erat demonstrandum.

It probably never crossed their minds that there were courts in South Africa. Roman-Dutch law, what is that? LOL to the power of 100! Is that a relic of apartheid? Tell me another one!

I don’t suppose the mighty Daily Show and Viacom would obey a court order from South Africa, but let’s test it and see how far we get.

One thing I am really looking forward to is to request some documentary proof of your “really high IQ” which must be way to the far right edge of the distribution. Ever since our country was blessed with immigration from parts of the British isles, as well as Lithuania, many mathematical conundra have appeared that we simpletons who are usually greeted by our superiors with the alliterating phrase “dumb Dutchmen”, are unable to comprehend.

For example, we are supposed to be “Nazis” and therefore presumably killed six million Jews. Yet only 40 000 Jews immigrated here in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. So somewhere along the line a differential equation must exist to prove that 40 000 in 1910 became 6 000 000 in 1948 who were then all gassed at Vlakplaas or some other establishment.

Afrikaners are also supposed to have massacred many more millions of blacks but whose numbers miraculously increased during the “apartheid genocide”, at least enough to occupy about 80% of the voters roll during every recent election.

These are all truisms of Anglo-supremacist genius that we “less gifted” mortals barely comprehend as they depend upon higher thought processes and quick video editing. Or throw in a few cartoons with swastikas or bearded individuals with low, simian foreheads, Zapiro-style.

Oh yes, I also have a book here on my shelf entitled “Blank” which, it seems, was supposed to describe the Afrikaner contribution to South Africa, especially in architecture. Blank minds produce nothing, is more or less the form of the argument, which is another startlingly original syllogism from our cognitive elite manning the PC propaganda pump.

In “Blank” I learned that both the Voortrekker Monument and the campus of the University of Johannesburg (ex-Rand Afrikaans University), together with various former Volkskas buildings by Gawie Fagan, were expressions of both fascism and the mental deficiency of Afrikaners. That must also be why the ANC government in Gauteng is busy demolishing various historical monuments in Johannesburg, designed by the bilingual Scottish Afrikaner, Gordon Leith, as South Africa must now be rid of these lower forms of spatial expression. Entartete Kunst, as it were.

What is really astonishing is that an ethnocultural class so utterly convinced of its own, seemingly biological or divinely-inspired superiority, should accuse others of “racism”. So it is with the resident genius puppeteer Conrad Koch, M.A. (he reminds us in every interview of his postgraduate qualification in anthropology) too. In almost every statement about Steve Hofmeyr he flies into a rage calling Steve “stupid”, “dumb”, etc., in a clear demonstration of his exalted IQ which must be completely off the scale, radiating from Sea Point outwards to illuminate a benighted world.

I think there should be a law requiring every member of the Anglo-supremacist elite in South Africa to go for IQ tests at Mensa and publish it on their CV’s and on their business cards, a bit like the elite bureacrats and engineering graduates of France obtain a “rank” during their aggrégation exam (especially the one in mathematics) which they keep for the rest of their lives.

So please, Ms. Davis, do not keep us in suspense anymore, publish your IQ here so that South Africa may be humbled and feel grateful to have you here whereas you could just as well have made a far greater contribution to humanity in New York, such as humiliating a few Republicans as a member of the Daily Show.

Just don’t use calculus or Sanskrit in your reply; mine is a bit rusty, being of lower genetic stock.

  • Götterdammerung

    What, for me, was truly illuminating regarding this exchange between me and her is how the various other certified MENSA members came out of the woodwork to “defend” her honor. Truly gratifying that my little opinion should offend so many of this specific supremacist sub-class

  • Okkie Neethling

    Haha! Ai ou Dan, wie is daar wat jou sal kan opvolg as ons altwee al stokoud en grys is? ,ten minste (hopenlik) sal jy nog vir die volgende 10 jaar skryf. Ek hoop van harte dat ek jou rubrieke steeds dan sal lees daar in my studeerkamer in ons volkstaat. Puik brief.

    • Dankie, Okkie. Janee, ek het nog baie woorde om te skryf. Gelukkig het mens nie eens meer papier of ink daarvoor nodig nie.

  • Austrian

    Is this the right website? Where are the mad right-wing racists? What is Rebecca Davis on about?

    • FR2P

      She’s part of the Boerhaat campaign against white Afrikaners. She hopes in doing so no one will notice that the Jews support the new Imperial scorched earth project in SA.

    • Have a look at the link in the article above.

      • Austrian

        I did, but I don’t understand what she’s trying to say. Who takes the Daily Show seriously to slander “racists” that do not exist?

        • I think to her (Rebecca Davis) the Daily Show episode with its dishonest editing is a demonstration of their superior “infowar” capabilities and that I have now lost all my remaining lives as in a video game. They have “nuked” me and it’s “game over”.

          But, clearly, I am still in this game and drawing a lot of fire, on Twitter, Daily Maverick and elsewhere.

          • Austrian

            In the light of the farm murders and general crime attacks, this is completely disgusting and irresponsible on the part of Davis and her friends.

    • Albert Brenner

      Die Rebecca Davis ist eine verwerfliche Britische Schlampe in Mandeadlatopie.

      • Austrian

        Normalerweise bin ich niemand, der sich durch so was aus der Ruhe bringen lässt, aber, ja…Es geht nicht mehr nur um die Person, die etwas getan hat, sondern darum, dass alle sich sehr unangenehm und beschämt fühlen sollen, als Entschuldigung für Gewalt gegen “the racist Afrikaners”. Ein banales Ereignis kann in der Gesellschaft nur dann eine Bewegung auslösen, wenn die Gesellschaft bereit ist, diesem Ereignis ein gewisses symbolisches Gewicht beizumessen. Die Schwarzen sind nicht bereit dazu, Mir ist klar, dass der Kampf für Gerechtigkeit, gegen Korruption niemals einfach ist.

        • Albert Brenner

          Stimmt, aber nach fast 300 Jahre von Britischer Arroganz und Überheblichkeit… dreht man halt gelegentlich durch.

          Es sind Angelsächsische Trotteln wie die Rebecca die immer das Versagen von Schwartzen (zB Korruption) auf den Schultern der Buren schieben.

          • Austrian

            So wurde nicht sie, sondern anderen Gruppen verdächtigt. Ganz schön fies!

          • Albert Brenner

            Das Outsourcen von Schuld ist eine Angelsächsische Spezialitaet.

  • Just posted this on Daily Maverick in reply to the following comment by one Paul Berkowitz:

    It is not thin-skinned to point out your bigotry: it would be a
    matter of public record if you weren’t intellectually dishonest and
    deleted your more objectionable comments within ten minutes of posting
    them. Have a bit more integrity, man.

    I haven’t commented on my
    feelings about Holocaust denial legislation or Koch’s comments about
    Boer women (reference please). I can only imagine that you are bringing
    them up in another attempt to strawman the conversation. (More evidence
    of the quality of debate that PRAAG contributors bring to the table.)

    can also only imagine that the references to Holocaust denial
    legislation are some ham-fisted attempt to link my views on free speech
    to my religion. You may be surprised to learn this (hell, you may be
    surprised to learn *anything* at this rate), but lots of people do not
    share your frightened, simplistic world view where everyone gets boxed
    according to their race/ethnicity and everyone identifies primarily by
    their race/ethnicity.

    I mean, I’m not having a go at you for being
    white, male or Afrikaans. I’m having a go because you write for PRAAG.
    And as far as I can see, there’s some common characteristics for PRAAG
    writers: intellectual laziness, intellectual dishonesty, race-baiting,
    homophobia, Anglophobia, victimhood, poor writing. I don’t blame these
    things on your race or gender. It looks like PRAAG writers auto-select
    for these things: i.e. the intellectually lazy and dishonest have
    gravitated towards a common platform.


    Race-baiting? That’s really funny, when The Daily Maverick like most quasi-liberal, leftist sites are simply race-obsessed.

    we commemorated the demise of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago. So the
    “class” argument, including classical Marxism-Leninism, is not what it
    used to be. “Race & class” have now become just “race”. Probably
    most hipsters residing in the Johannesburg and Cape Town do not know
    enough about Africans to see them in any other dimension except that
    they are “black”. It also suits your ersatz American narrative. Black vs
    white. And as long as you keep calling us “racists” then you win all
    the way. You have about 40 to 50 million potential troops here that you
    could inflame to the point of Rwandan genocide if you just keep on
    playing the worn-out but still effective “race card”.

    This whole
    “strategy” has been going on since at least the 1940s. Unfortunately our
    well-meaning but naive leaders-turned-traitors have never taken
    propaganda very seriously; they think if they can only build a G5 cannon
    or a Rooivalk helicopter the threat will be neutralised.

    But the
    internet has changed all that. You can no longer put a black puppet,
    real or artificial, between you and me. For the first time Afrikaners
    are waking up to what Carl Schmitt and others have always emphasised:
    politics is about having an enemy. In their “ordentlikheid” and
    hopelessly Calvinist attempts to be “good people”, Afrikaners have for a
    long time been blind to having enemies, apart from the “evil Russians”
    who actually fought on our side during the Anglo-Boer War!

    And to
    some extent the Anglo-Boer war has never ended. It has always been about
    control of the accursed mineral riches underneath our soil.

    is not the vote that you want, it is my country,” said Paul Kruger.
    Letting every far-flung inhabitant of the Transkei or rural Kwazulu vote
    against us was not enough, once again, however absurd such a system of
    “democracy” turned out to be. Ultimately, we must surrender everything:
    our schools, our universities, our land, our companies, our investments,
    our wives and daughters, our very lives.

    PW whom I spoke to twice
    before he died, coined the phrase, “Total onslaught”. Little did he
    know that it was not a description of his time when the car bombs and
    Wimpy bombs were going off one by one, planned from behind the Wall with
    those nice Germans from the Stasi, but a prophecy of what was still to

  • Albert Brenner

    Haha, excellent, Doc.

    British colonial-rejects like Davis are a dime-a-dozen, especially in Mandeadlatopia.

    I have met them in Dubai, India, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Malaysia, etc. Their arrogance and hubris are founded solely on the fact that they are English native-speakers. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The vast majority of them are fundamentally unable to compete with middle and upper-class Brits in England, ergo there foul presence all over the globe…. playing `one-eyed king in the land of the blind`.

    They are the last global remnants of the `glorious` British Empire… egocentric monolingual dregs of society representing the worst England has to offer.

    Were these degenerates to live in England, they`d all be on the dole – watching Coronation Street whilst downloading Thai kiddie-porn.

    • Percipient

      …and chowing on hot Paki takeaway bunnies.

  • Piet Piet

    A racially integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance
    of the first black family to the exit of the last white family. – Saul Alinsky.

  • Albert Brenner

    Ha ha, lekker skrum nou daar op Daily Maverick.

    Het volgende daar nou gepos;

    `Ah, the last great stand of Anglo-Saxon progressivism in
    Mandeadlatopia – the Alamo of British moral pontification… long bereft
    of any SANE audience in the 21st-century.

    Meanwhile, back on the
    mud island, Nigel Farage of UKIP…. demands the same for Britain vis a
    vis the EU, what Dan Roodt and his PRAAG writers are demanding for the
    Afrikaner nation.


    • Götterdammerung

      Eish there are some textbook examples of why inbreeding in the kweens’ empire has left some of her subjects as little more than functioning morons

    • Mary Couster

      You are SO right. That’s why everybody is laughing at Nigel Farage also

      • FR2P

        I would ask you how old you are but I know you can`t count that high.

  • Guest

    It seems that most of these “critics” are actually Soros’ paid shills

  • Kalium_Chloraat

    When she read the results of her IQ test she failed to notice that the graph was flipped sideways. Naturally she did not investigate the figure in more detail as the faulty display boosted her elevated self image.

  • Bernard Ingram

    Brilliant Dan. Totally genius reply to a stupid little girl. Yes, I did call her stupid. She was to lazy to look up the facts for herself. In my books you are stupid if you make statements without checking their truth. Long live the AFRIKANER spirit!

  • Daedalus

    Methinks you protest too much, Mr Roodt. Unless those arcane English words are part of your everyday lexicon I think you;ve been a little naughty, and perhaps even [deleted as I don’t have somewhere between R100m and R1b to spare]

  • Maria

    Are you on drugs?

  • Jack

    I wonder if asking one to post their IQ on the internet is indicative of anything?

  • Cheryl

    I LOVE this part:

    “…the fact that the Daily Show falsely represented themselves to me as a serious political talk show…”

    Falsely represented, he said…

    Mr Roodt, if you are, in fact, as clued about the world as you say you are, you would have known that the Daily Show is NOT a serious political talk show. No trickery was needed.

    • FR2P

      I apologize to all double-digit IQ’s in advance, but some cretinous brains need life support: I think Roodt was trying to say that The Daily Show pretended to sympathise with Afrikaners suffering a second genocide. One would generally expect Jews not to be so openly and brazenly supportive of genocides. After all they went so ballistic when a French comedian tried to make fun of them, they forgot to be “Charlie”. But then the really crude racist attacks on the Indian premier by the Daily Show should have been enough warning of how “clued about the world” you and the Daily Show audiences are, Cheryl. Not only “clued up” but actually you abuse the privilege of being retarded.

  • Beryl Knipe

    Well said, Dan. One thing I cannot stomach is a woman (a member of the female species) using disgustingly foul language (as I’ve read) and the second thing, which makes me so sick, is when some little wet-behind-the-ears, snotty-nosed tart decides to “return” to South Africa and then tries to put herself over as a comedienne. Tch! Irritating!!

  • Nevyn

    Thomas Sowell calls them the Anointed, how that must irk these liberal fools that a black man has such disdain for them.