The brilliance of propaganda and the mass media

It really becomes about having the the most politically correct jibe – people with “real” morals breaking down another, less popular view, with insults of stupidity and thinly disguised hatred.

It’s like many Germans detesting hearing the word “Hitler”.

Many of those with very strong opinions will “TLDR” a carefully worded response as mute reminder that they know next to nothing about what they are speaking of.

Herein lies the brilliance of propaganda and the mass media. Divide and conquer. Use triggers to whip the people up against themselves. Let them kill each other – then we step in and “save” them from themselves. (we = the powers that be/were)

We are lambs to the slaughter. We fear each other and thus prance and pontificate while the cattle cars lie in wait.

Steve has a problem with the murder of white farmers. Somehow we have to start discussing this. Many might say that his tweet was not a way to get that attention. But it did. He is also saying that there is a lot of history most of us will just not look at.

The current government is rotten to the core. Why is this acceptable?

But one tweet that just maybe might make us “thinking Afrikaners” look bad… and we summon enough energy to rid the world of fraudulent bankers.

A friend of mine has a saying for most of us Afrikaners: “Bly dof, my volk”.

He’s right. We are so trained to accept any authority. The way our schools taught us.

I personally go with George Carlin. “I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me.” These days, it includes the mainstream media.

– Mad Pierrot